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What is Scots Grey chicken

The Scots Grey chicken is a very ancient breed of chicken originating in Scotland, where it has been raised for more than two centuries. It was a popular breed until the 1930s, but today, there are only a small number of breeders who are fond of this breed and it is primarily bred for show purposes.

Scots Grey Characteristics

The Scots Gray is very similar to its brother the Scots Dumpy. But the main difference between these two breeds is very easy to spot. The Scots Dumpy have very short legs, while the Gray Scots chickens have normal-sized legs.

The Gray Scots are a tall, upright breed. The beak and stems are white, sometimes marked with black. They have a simple, bright red crest. His face and earlobes are also bright red. Hens weigh around 2.25 kg, while roosters can weigh around 3.2 kg.

Scots Grey Breed varieties

The variety of its plumage is called ‘cuckoo’ or ‘barred’ and it is the only color in which the breed comes. The background color is steel gray, with black spots with a metallic sheen distributed throughout its body. Although both roosters and chickens are very similar. The markings are smaller on roosters than on chickens.

Scots Grey Breed temperament

The Gray Scots are a dual-purpose breed, bred for both egg and meat production. It is a very resistant and active breed. They adapt better in open field conditions and in case you want to breed in confinement, they require poultry houses with a lot of space. The breed can develop destructive habits when confined. They prefer to perch in the trees. They are known for their toughness and their ability to thrive in any weather condition.

Scots Grey Egg production

Scots Gray hens are good producers of large white to cream eggs (180 – 200 eggs per year), but will rarely hatch their eggs. Although they are not overly prone to brood, when they do sit down, chickens are very good and fiercely protective mothers.

The breed is also good for meat production, and its meat is said to be extremely flavorful.

Scots Grey History

This ancient breed from Scotland has been raised on Scottish farms for over two hundred years. Its precise history is unknown, but it is believed that it dates back to the first birds brought to this country and possibly has some game bird in its ancestry. The Dorking breed could have participated in its development.

Until the 1930s, the breed was very popular in Scotland and was previously known as Scotch Gray. It has also been known over the years by different names like Chick Marley or Shepherd’s Plaid. Which has made it difficult to trace its precise history.

Scots Grey is In recovery

The breed is currently on the Rare Breeds Survival Trust’s “Native Poultry Breeds at Risk” list.

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