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What is Rhode Island White chicken

The white Rhode Island is a large breed of dual-purpose chicken native to the state of Rhode Island, in the United States. While the names and place of origin are the same, we must bear in mind that the white Rhode Island is actually a totally different breed from the red Rhode Island. In the Philippines, Rhode Island Red is the most popular but many people know that there is also a Rhode Island White.

Rhode Island White Characteristics

The Rhode Island white is a dual-purpose bird suitable for meat and egg production. Roosters weigh around 3.9 kg, while hens can reach the weight of 3 kg. They have long, broad, deep bodies with full, well-rounded breasts. The breed has been standardized only with a rose-shaped comb.

Rhode Island White Breed varieties

White Rhode Island chickens are only available in one variety, with pure white plumage. They have red earlobes and a medium-sized bright red rose-type comb. The color of its beak is yellow.

Rhode Island White Egg production

White Rhode Island chickens are exceptional egg producers. A study by the Mountain Grove Experiment Station in Missouri found that a white Rhode Island hen produced an incredible 306 eggs in one year.

Average egg-laying numbers for this breed are 240-250 brown eggs per year. However, they do not tend to hatch their eggs.

Rhode Island White Breed temperament

The Rhode Island White is a pleasant, calm, friendly breed with a strong resistance to disease, which makes it a welcome addition to any family farm or kennel. Their docile and friendly personality towards their owners makes them an excellent choice as a pet for their children. They can be easily adapted to both confinement and free field.

Rhode Island White History

White Rhode Island was developed in 1888 by Mr. J. Alonzo Jocoy of Peacedale, Rhode Island. He developed the breed by crossing white Wyandottes, Partridge Cochins, Rose Comb, and White Leghorns. In 1903, Mr. Jocoy made the breed known to the public and began distributing it to small merchants for sale. The breed continued to develop and improve to more closely resemble the brick body shape of the Rhode Island Red. The breed enjoyed popularity until the 1960s at which time their numbers began to decline, today it is considered a rare breed. common and moderately rare.

Rhode Island White Breed recognition

The white Rhode Island was first accepted into the American Poultry Association’s standard of perfection in 1922. The Rhode Island white hen is listed by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy as a breed under observation, that is, it is under surveillance, but it is not in danger of extinction. In 2003, around 3,000 specimens of this breed were registered in the United States and like most standard breeds, it also appears in a bantam variety.

Additional data

The crossing of Rhode Island red and white Rhode Island will result in the offspring of auto sex chickens, which means that the offspring can be sexed for some distinctive feature of their plumage. In this case, the roosters will be white, while the hens will be red.

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