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What is Scots Dumpy chicken

The Scots Dumpy is a very old breed of chicken developed in Scotland. Historical and archaeological evidence suggests that they existed 700 years ago. In the early 20th century they were known by many different names, such as “Creepies,” “Bakies,” and “Daidies.”What is Scots Dumpy

Scots Dumpy  Characteristics

This breed has been appreciated by breeders in Europe; due to its unique appearance and fun, duck-like gait. The Scots dumpy has a very heavy body and sways while walking due to its very short legs. They are small birds with long, broad bodies. Roosters generally weigh between 3 to 3.5 kg while hens reach the weight of 2.5 to 3 kg.

Scots Dumpy  Breed varieties

The Scots Dumpy is available in many varieties of colors, but the most common are black and cuckoo, while white and blue are increasing in popularity. Perhaps the most unusual feature of the Dumpy is its genetic makeup. Like the Dexter cow and the Japanese rooster, the Dumpy has a semi-lethal “Creeper” gene that shortens its legs in a unique way.

Scots Dumpy  Breed temperament

Scots Dumpy are dual-purpose birds; which means that they are raised for the production of eggs and meat. This breed of calm nature will adapt better in cold climates. Since their legs are very short, they require the firm ground to live. You must be very careful with the diet of these birds, since they gain weight very easily, so you must be careful when feeding them.

Freshly hatched chicks cannot be fed from regular-sized waterers and feeders. So they need special food and drink care. They should also stay away from wet grass, as the cold can affect them a lot in their first weeks.

Scots Dumpy  Egg production

Scots Dumpy hens lay about 180 whitish to dyed eggs per year. She has excellent breeding qualities and is a good mother.

Scots Dumpy  History

The short-legged Scots Dumpy, originally from the Scottish Highlands, was first exhibited in London in 1852. (Some bones of the breed have been positively dated to the 11th century). The four main varieties are Black, Cuckoo, White & Silver Gray, although some other colors have recently been developed. The breed also has a rooster or miniature shape.

In recovery

In the 1970s, the breed’s numbers began to dwindle dangerously, but luckily a group of fans of this unusual breed began the fight to get the breed back and prevent its demise. With a list of nicknames such as Creepies, Bakies, Stumpies, Dadlies, or Hoodies, the popularity of the breed has grown and little by little it has spread throughout Europe.

A significant number of Scots Dumpy chickens are displayed in poultry shows and can be seen in rural farms and backyard gardens throughout Scotland. In the early 1990s, the Scots Dumpy Fan Club was created. With over 100 members, the breed is in good hands.

Scots Dumpy  Fun facts

This little bird is legendary and has inspired many incredible stories in its long history; Some verifiable and others less credible. One of these stories claims that little Scots Dumpy was used on battlefields in wartime. They were said to detect potential enemies approaching the camps of the Celts and Picts by the sound they made when they crushed thistle plants with their feet. This and many stories are shared by fans of this peculiar breed, which will undoubtedly continue to spread throughout the world.

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