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What is Golden Comet chicken breed

The Golden Comet is a modern hybrid chicken variety developed with the sole objective of maximizing egg production. It was initially ‘intended’ for the commercial industry, but has been successfully transitioned to small farms and gardens around the world.

Golden Comet Characteristics

The Golden comet is an excellent choice for lovers of fresh eggs. This hen was developed by crossing two other breeds: the Rhode Island Red and the White Leghorn. If you’re just getting started, golden kites would be a good choice as you learn about the basics of poultry farming. It is actually quite a small hen compared to other laying hens, with hens weighing around 4 lbs. While roosters can weigh up to 6 lbs.

Golden Comet Breed varieties

Golden comet chickens are generally reddish brown in color, in some cases mottled with some white feathers. They have a simple red crest. and a yellow / brown bill and eyes are yellow. The legs are also yellow and the bird has four toes on each foot. While the roosters are white.

Breed temperament

Golden Kites are curious, docile, and very people-friendly birds. In fact, some owners of this breed claim that their birds prefer to be close to them, over their own feathered companions. Due to their friendly and kind nature, they easily become family pets. They do not like to peck or fight in general and will steer clear of the typical chicken coop squabbles.

Therefore, it is better to keep them away from aggressive breeds, their docile character makes them the victim of attacks from other unfriendly birds. Suitable breeds to mix with would be Plymouth Rocks, Faverolles, Cochin, or Orpingtons.

Golden Comet Egg production

Golden kites are not used as a table bird due to their small size. However, when it comes to breeds for egg production, this is one of the most popular options. They are excellent laying hens and can be easily compared to other egg-producing breeds, such as the Rhode Island Red chicken. They begin laying eggs when they are as young as 16 weeks. The size of the eggs is usually small at first, but gradually increases as the chicken grows into an adult hen.

This hen lays around 300 eggs per year and this ensures an adequate supply of meals for the family.

Golden Comet History

The Golden Comet is not his breed recognized by the American Poultry Association. They are a cross breed or what is also known as a hybrid breed. This breed was developed by crossing a Rhode Island Red rooster and a White Leghorn hen. The resulting chicken is what has been called the golden comet.

This type of rearing results in self-sexed chicks that are easy to differentiate (whether they are roosters or hens) due to the color at hatching (the hens will be darker, while the roosters are lighter in color). They are excellent for farmers involved in egg production.

The only real downside to this breed is breeding. A golden comet will not produce another golden comet if its eggs are hatched and fertilized by a rooster of the same breed. The resulting chick will be a second generation of mixed breed chickens. These hens rarely meditate, so hatching eggs for this breed will have to be made through an incubator. So if you want to have a golden kite farm you need a Rhode Island Red rooster and a White Leghorn hen!

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