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Lists of Free-range Chicken Farms and Backyard Raisers in Eastern Visayas and Caraga Regions

To see the complete list of all free-range chicken breeders in the Philippines, click here.

This is the list of farms, breeders, and backyard growers of heritage and native chickens in Eastern Visayas and CARAGA Regions.

If you are looking to buy either fertilized hatching eggs, day-old chicks, or breeders, chances are, you may have already contacted a lot of people but still can’t find something to buy. This is because the demand for heritage chicken breeds like Rhode Island Red, Barred Plymouth Rock, Black Australorps, Orpingtons, and Sussex are extremely high while the supply is very low.

In order to help you save a lot of time searching the Internet and Facebook, we compiled the lists of free-range chicken raisers in the provinces of Leyte, Samar, Biliran, Agusan, Surigao, and Dinagat Island. You may check this list as you may find what you are looking for by contacting these farms and backyard breeders.

Although most of these breeders sell free-range chicken table eggs, they also have heritage pure breeds.

Industrial-size farms that produce commercial broilers and eggs are not included in this list, so as gamefowl farms. This list contains only free-range chicken farms and backyard growers of either heritage chicken breeds or native chicken.

To discover what these farms offer, visit their Facebook Page by clicking their names.

Eastern Visayas

CJ poultry FARM
0916 604 4129
Calubian, Leyte

3 Kings Poultry Farm
0906 433 5958
Mahaplag, Leyte

TRES NIÑOS Free Range Chicken
Cabucgayan, Biliran

Bibz Free Range Chicken
0921 423 5919
Biliran, Biliran

Samar Free Range Chicken
0945 549 8822

Free-range Chicken Southern Leyte
0956 134 4211
Southern Leyte

Leyte free Range Chickens
0905 802 8718
Southern Leyte

Labao libagon free range heritage chicken
Libagon, Southern Leyte


Pretty Boy Free Range Happy Chickens
0938 387 5175
Butuan City

Caraga Breeders & Freerange Chicken
0938 387 5175
Butuan City

San Francisco Organic Free Range Chicken
0936 720 5517
San Francisco, Agusan del Sur

Agusan Free Range Chicken and Poultry Supply
Loreto, Agusan deo Sur

Agusan Free Range Brown Egg Farm
0909 037 1219
Prosperidad, Agusan Del Sur

Surigao Farm Free Range Chicken & Livestock
0997 247 7070
Surigao City

Surigao City Chicken Poultry
Surigao City

Mahayahay Free Range Chicken and Egg Farm
0930 012 7825
Sibagat, Agusan del Sur

Totem Free Range Chicken
Butuan City

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There are other pages that we did not include because their locations are not available. If you want your free-range farm page to be included here, please leave a comment below.

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