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Pag-aalaga ng Pugo: How to Grow and Raise Quail for Profit

Do you like to raise animals and poultry like chickens, ducks, turkeys, or pigeons? If yes you can also try raising quail because its system is almost no different than chicken care. What if you are planning to raise a quail but you lack the knowledge? This article will be able to help you.

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What is quail

The common quail or pugo is a type of small bird that is hunted or raised for meat and eggs. It is a bird with a small but plump body, about 18 centimeters (7 inches) long, and usually stays only on the ground although it can fly fast.

Its meat can be eaten. Its eggs are nutritious. Many of our compatriots sell and sell boiled quail eggs as their livelihood.

Caring for quail can also be a source of income, many entrepreneurs have already entered this type of business and they have really proven its potential. But how to raise a quail?

How to grow quail

Based on the testimonies of those who have taken care of quail, it is said that it is easy to take care of.

They added that it can be turned into a career even if you have a morning job, are a student, or have just graduated.

The proper way of caring for quails

  1. Start by making a proper cage for the quails to take care of (later I will teach the proper cage for quail).
  2. Female quails can be purchased to serve as breeders or laying eggs to be used in breeding quail.
  3. The quail can be fed chicken feed, one kilogram for fifty laying quails. The crushed shell can accompany their food to make their eggs stronger and smoother.
  4. The 1/2 inch chicken wire for the cage should be sliced ​​to fit the quail’s food pouch to prevent them from scrambling for food. Add another 1/2 inch to prevent the quails from getting diarrhea.
  5. Always have food in the quail food container. They should have 24 hours with food to get higher and good egg production. They should be lit so that they do not stop eating. When you do this, quail can lay 2 eggs in 24 hours.

Quail cage

Quails are similar to chickens and are easy to care for. They can be housed anywhere as long as they are comfortable.

  • If the quail is just a chick, they need a brooder with a temperature of 38 degrees Celcius.
  • This temperature can be achieved by placing a 100-watt bulb.
  • In a 4 × 8 feet brooder, it can house 700 chick heads.
  • This is the appropriate number of chicks per brooder. When they exceed 700 they will be crowded when they arrive on the 7th day.
  • Put a sack that will serve as a cover on the side of the brooder to prevent cold and heat from entering the brooder.
  • Newspaper the brooder’s flooring. This is to prevent cold and air from entering the flooring.
  • This is also where the feeds for the chicks will be temporarily spread.
  • The most complicated part of raising a quail is when it is just chicks.
  • The death of other quails when neglected is inevitable.

Remember that a proper quail cage plays a big role in the survival of your pets.

Quail eggs

It is very important to take care of quail eggs, apart from this depending on the quantity of your pet quail you can also sell it as food.

That is why it is important for quails to have a proper nest for their eggs.

The number of eggs a quail will lay depends on the amount of food it eats. That is, the more food they have, the more eggs they will lay.

Therefore, quail breeders are advised to always have food in their cages so that they do not go hungry and their spawning is not affected.

So it is important that the cage should always be lit especially at night so that the quail can continue to beak their food.

Its return is lots of eggs, lots of quail, and of course lots of income.

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