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Baboy Damo Farming: How to Grow and Raise Wild Boar for Profit

In today’s era, there are many new businesses trending. But there have always been really successful businesses related to animal husbandry and that includes farming. This includes raising chickens or poultry, of course, there is also raising native pigs or “baboy ramo”

In this article, we will find out how to raise baboy damo and why it is so popular.

large white pig vs native pig: Difference between regular pork and baboy damo (native pig)

Baboy damo or wild boar in English is a type of pig that lives in forests. It is a kind of ferocious pig because of its lifestyle and because it is also not accustomed to humans.

Baboy damo is black in color and has longer fur compared to the typical white and fine-grained pig.

They also eat differently because they eat grass and leaves in the forest.

Is baboy damo farming profitable?

Mr. Rufino M. Legayo of Natividad, Pangasinan, has been a native pig  farmer since 1996.

According to him, it is difficult in the beginning to take care of wild boar because of its habit and it is not humanly accustomed to it.

His business started with catching female wild pigs in the Pangasinan forest and was followed by male pigs where they will be used on breeding.

According to him, wild boars are really aggressive and need a closed cage, because if only the fence is waist-high it just jumps and escapes.

According to Mang Rufino, wild boars are not picky about food, in fact, every dry season or summer he releases them inside his farm and they themselves look for their food.

Some of their favorite foods are cogon root and whenever in the cage they are samak leaves, rice leaves, and ground corn.

The good thing about baboy ramo is that it is not as dangerous to pests or other diseases as typical pigs. But what about selling it?

Is baboy ramo farming a popular business?

According to Mang Rufino, wild boar farming is popular as a business and he has proven it through two decades of care.

According to him, since the native pig is organic, its meat is healthier and safer compared to pork.

It is also easy to breed and he added, within a decade he has been able to sell countless of native pig pork.

His customers are new to eating native pig and others make dishes in restaurants.

Did you know that you can sell a native pig that weighs only 20kg for 6,000 pesos?

In addition, it is easy to sell because its meat is safer, tastier, and tastier.

One of the main cooked wild boar recipes is the Lechon de Leche. The native pig farming business is really popular.

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