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Is it safe to eat fertilized eggs?

Humans have been eating bird eggs since prehistoric times. But chicken eggs are undoubtedly the most common and popular. Statistics have shown that six billion eggs are consumed annually, and that’s just in the United States!

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Since eggs are a very common food, it is not uncommon for people to express some concern about the type of egg they are consuming. One of these concerns is whether the eggs they bought from the supermarket are fertilized chicken eggs or not. So is it safe to eat fertilized eggs? The answer is yes. It is perfectly safe to eat fertilized eggs.

How to know if an egg is fertilized?

Often the eggs will be fertilized when the roosters and hens live together. You can tell if an egg is fertilized after breaking it because there will be a small white spot on the yolk (this is called a blastoderm).

After fertilization, the embryo will grow only if it is kept warm. Incubation stops when the hen does not sit on them (or when the egg is placed in the refrigerator).

Are supermarket eggs fertile?

Let’s answer this question. I was once contacted by a lady who had tried to incubate eggs in an incubator that she had bought online, without success. When I spoke to her I was surprised that she had been using eggs bought from her local grocery store. The lady understood that the eggs that came from “free field” meant that they would be fertile. She doesn’t blame her: many times as a child she took some eggs from mom’s basket and placed them in the hens that were hatching, chicks came out but not from supermarket eggs.

Eggs from the supermarket are not fertile, not even eggs that are labeled “free-range” or “organic.” Commercially produced eggs are laid by hens that are in cages, barns, or pastures, but without access to a rooster. And without a rooster, chicken eggs cannot be fertilized. This brings us to the next point …

Are fertilized eggs more nutritious than unfertilized eggs?

As for its nutritional value, the question of whether fertile chicken eggs are healthier than unfertilized eggs remains highly debatable to this day. If you want to get the most of the nutrients in the egg, look for the freshest eggs available. The longer the eggs are kept, the more their protein content is lost. As they say, fresh is often better

Finally, can I eat a fertilized egg?

Yes, it is completely safe. Unless the hen hatches the egg, that small group of cells will not develop, and, despite what you may read on some Internet sites, you will not be eating a chick!

It bears repeating that it is important to collect eggs very frequently to prevent a broody hen from starting to incubate the eggs it wants to eat.

If you have a rooster in the henhouse, you will have fertile eggs. So get ready to eat them. If you don’t like the idea, don’t have a rooster. You will still get eggs, but there is no chance that they will be fertile.

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