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Top 8 best vitamins for laying hens

Hens, like humans, need vitamins for their growth and development, since these allow the hens to be healthy and have resistance to some diseases. On the other hand, vitamins serve as a nutritional complex and also have a positive influence on egg-laying, ensuring that the egg has the necessary proteins and nutrients.

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Top 8 vitamins for laying hens

In addition, vitamins influence the quality of the egg, there is a variety of vitamins that can be commercial or even homemade that you can make with products that you find in your home. Vitamins strengthen the immune system of chickens and allow them to gain more weight. Among the best vitamins for chickens are:

1. Garlic powder

This is a homemade vitamin, which provides great benefits to the health of chickens. You only have to add a tablespoon of garlic powder directly to the chicken feed, only one tablespoon daily is enough, in addition, the hen will be in good condition and always active.

2. Pure garlic granules

This is a nutritional supplement that allows chickens to stimulate their appetite, on the other hand, it serves to protect and care for the liver which will be healthy if the hen consumes a tablespoon of garlic once a day. Like garlic powder, it is recommended to place a tablespoon of this in the chicken feed, it will be 6 grains for each kilogram of feed. This supplement is one of the best vitamins for chickens.

3. Eggshell improver

This vitamin is an industrial supplement for commercial sale; It is a combination of phosphorus and calcium, indicated for the production of the eggshell, as it will help to make it more resistant. Likewise, this vitamin is administered by feeding the hen; A tablespoon daily is recommended, this way the eggs they place will be of better quality. Eggshell improver can be bought online or in any poultry supply store.

4. Poultry spice or poultry seasoning

This is a commercial supplement that is composed of minerals to keep the hens active during the colder time and improve the production of egg-laying. There are also a lot of online tutorials on how to make this at home.

5. Poultry tonic

It is a tonic that contains vitamin A, vitamin K, Vitamin D3, biotin among others. A dose of 5 milliliters daily must be diluted in the hens’ water. This tonic allows the hens to produce eggs with all the necessary minerals and proteins, it also stimulates their appetite and fights parasites.

6. Apple vinegar

It is one of the most popular vitamins on the market, as it is an excellent supplement to whet the appetite and also help the digestion of chickens. This supplement keeps the feathers in good condition. To be supplied, you need 20 ml of apple cider vinegar for each liter of water.

7. Egg booster

It is a supplement that contains a variety of amino acids, which helps to keep the hen in good condition and healthy. 1.5 grams of egg booster should be mixed in the hens’ daily food.

8. Calcium (oysters shells)

This is one of the best vitamins since it increases the capacity of hen to harden its eggs. It also allows the hen to develop high resistance to stress and diseases. On the other hand, it improves the absorption of nutrients and protects the digestive system of the hen from parasites.

These are some of the best 8 vitamins, so you already know how to keep your chickens healthy, we hope this article has been of great help to you. If you have any other questions about laying hens visit our website.


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