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What is 45 Days Chicken

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The term “45 days” when talking about chicken is more popular in the Philippines than the correct term “broiler”. Especially in Visayan provinces, there are only two types of chickens when looking for breeds to slaughter – the Bisaya (native), and the 45-days.

But what 45-days old broiler really is?

The “45-days” term is used only and became popular because this type of broiler chicken can be slaughtered between 38 to 45 days. Commercial growers actually harvest their chicken at 38 to 39 days. Few more days and they will incur losses on feeds.

45 days broilers

What breed is a 45-days old broiler?

Modern white broilers and the most popular ones produced by Cobb-Vantress are usually crossing Cornish Rocks and White Plymouth Rocks. These lines of breeds have been genetically studied a long time ago into perfection that’s why we have a uniform bloodline of broilers today.

Can 45-days old broilers become layers?

Boilers are developed for meat production and cannot be raised as layers for commercial purposes. Once they reach their maturity age of two months, they will become overweight and diseases due to obesity will start to give them health problems.

If your plan is to breed and to have chicks, the probability is very low unless you put them in your backyard and feed them organically to control their fats. A broiler chicken can lay eggs but they are not broody.

Are 45-days old broilers F1?

45-days old broilers are products of two different breeds so yes, they are F1. Breeding a male and female broiler chicken will probably give you the same result.

Where to buy 45-days old broiler chicks in the Philippines?

Broiler chicks are available throughout the Philippines. There are many Facebook users selling online and in some public markets, day-old chicks are also for sale. Some bigger poultry supplies also sell day-old chicks. 45-days chicken has the lowest price compared to any other chicken. You can also check our farms directory here

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