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What is Lohmann Brown Chicken

The Lohmann Brown is a variety of chicken, raised specifically for egg-laying productivity. It is of crossbreed origin, selectively bred from lines of Rhode Island Red and White Rock breeds. Lohmann starts to lay at about 19 weeks, producing up to 320 eggs to an age of 72 weeks (one-year production). Eggs are laid nearly daily, normally during the morning time

Most Lohmann Browns have a caramel/brown shade of feathers, with white feathers in a pattern around their necks, and white feathers at the tips of their tail feathers.

Lohmann Brown and its related line of varieties are among the oldest hybrids developed that are still popular to date. Lohmann Brown is developed by Lohmann Tierzucht, a German breeding company that has its roots way back in 1932.

There are four varieties of Lohmann Brown. They are Lohmann Brown – Classic, Lohmann, Brown – Lite, Lohmann Brown – Plus, Lohmann Brown – Extra.

Lohmann Brown in the Philippines

Lohmann Brown is a very popular variety of chicken in the Philippines among farms producing cage-free brown eggs due to its high egg production and lower feed consumption compared to its competitors like Dekalb Brown and Dominant CZ. The Lohman White is also a fierce competitor of Dekalb White in major farms producing eggs.

Physical Characteristics and Productivity

Lohmann Browns are versatile chickens that you can raise in both the free-range chicken farming systems as well as in commercial egg production in a caged environment. They are preferred for their high yield, good egg quality, and high level of adaptability, along with their production efficiency.

In appearance, Lohmann Browns have an orange-brown plumage that has some cream specks. It is medium-sized and has a long neck with short tail feathers. They are very hardy with a great temperament. Typically, they tend to be friendly and docile.

They have impressive laying performance and produce characteristically large brown eggs that consumers love.

The hens also have a very long life expectancy that can last up to 10 years. These excellent layers can produce from 290 to 320 brown eggs per year.

The Lohmann Brown chickens can start laying eggs at the age of 14 weeks. Eggs will come sporadically at first, then gradually more regularly. At 5 to 6 months, they will reach 50% of their production. Between 16 to 19 months, their egg production will grow from 310 to 380 eggs per annum with an average egg weight of between 63 to 65 grams. After 19 months, production starts reducing as the chicken ages.

Where to Buy Lohmann Brown in the Philippines

Although we are not aware of any hatchery that sells Lohmann Brown in the Philippines, you can always search the Internet especially Facebook for people who are offering to sell. Some companies also don’t have websites so finding them online is a little bit challenging.

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