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How to Find Heritage Chicks and Breeders for Sale

It’s no secret among breeders that there is a massive demand for heritage chicken breeds here in the Philippines while the supply is extremely limited. There is the reason why more and more people want to start raising free-range heritage chickens in their backyard because the business side is simply appealing.

But what if you want to buy pure breeds and cannot find one? This is the biggest challenge for many people who want to start having their own flock. Looking for Rhode Island Red, Barred Plymouth Rock, Black Australorp, and other breeds is simply tiring. And if you are in the rush, chances are, you may buy a mixed breed.

Brahma – one of the most popular heritage chicken breeds (image credit)

Every day, I am receiving at least 10 inquiries asking if I have available chicks and breeders and I feel pity for these people because I could not help them. The reality is that, even if I have 500 RIR chicks available every week, they will be gone in just one day! Yes, that’s how fast the turnover is.

Why people seldom post chicks and breeders for sale on Facebook?

Yes, some people post roosters or mixed breeds for sale but pure breeds like Rhode Island Reds, Black Australorps, Plymouth Rocks, Orpingtons, and Sussex are very rare, especially pairs or trios. This is because most breeders already have lists of their own customers and they don’t need to post what they are selling to the public.

Take for instance that list of inquiries above. If I have something to sell, should I post it publicly? Of course not. I would simply respond to any of these inquiries and sell them what I have. This is the power of building connections. It’s a two-way process. If you are a buyer who is looking to buy chicks or breeders, you should make your own lists of breeders. On the other hand, if you are a breeder, you don’t have to post on public anymore if you have already a list of people inquiring every day.

So how do we find chicks and breeders for sale?

There is no direct answer to this question but I’ll help you find one, although it’s not today, but in the very near future.

Even if you dig all Facebook Groups or send dozens of messages to everyone on that group, you would only waste your time. Here’s what to do:

1. Join social media groups like Facebook and socialize with other chicken growers.

2. Contact dozens of breeders who you think have the breeds you are planning to buy.

Sample message:

Sir, gud am, baka po may available kayo na chick or breeders baka naman po pwedeng makabahagi. Kung wala naman po, baka pwedeng isama nyo ako sa customers’ list nyo pag nag-out po kayo ulit. Salamat po

2.) Create a list of breeders that respond positively.

3.) Follow-up while continue contacting new breeders

Keep getting in touch with the breeders you first contacted. By doing this, you are giving the signal that you are serious and not just a troll.

Most breeders may don’t have a list of buyers but they already know where to sell their chickens without posting into public groups and if they find you serious, they would consider you in their next hatching day.

Kapag may ‘tyaga, may nilaga

Follow the above suggestion and who knows you might have your first trio next month!

You may also try to contact farms and breeders near you. here is the list of backyard farms and breeders.

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