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How to Treat Fowlpox (Paano Gamutin ang Bulutong ng Manok)

Fowlpox (bulutong sa manok (Tagalog), buti or boti sang manok (Ilonggo))is a virus affecting many chickens and can be deadly if not treated immediately. Experts say there is no cure yet but here in the Philippines, there is an over-the-counter poultry drug that can be used to treat this deadly virus. Fowlpox affects not only chickens but also other domesticated birds like ducks, turkeys, and even doves.

How to Prevent Chickens from Having Fowlpox

Although the most effective way to prevent your chickens from contracting fowlpox is through vaccination, having your chicken inside the chicken house is the best way possible. But if you can afford it, go to your nearest poultry supply and ask for a fowlpox vaccine.  See vaccination guide.

For more than two years, none of our chickens got infected with fowlpox even without the vaccine. I think the reason is that they are inside the chicken house which is not accessible to wild birds and other chickens. Having your birds isolated is the best way to prevent not only fowlpox but other viral infections like coryza and avian flu.

There are two types of fowlpox treatment – commercial drugs and home remedies. Below are one commercial and two home remedies that you can resort to in order to treat your chicken.

1. Thymol Fowl

Thymol Fowl is a commercial drug developed to specifically treat fowlpox. This is in tablet form and can be bought in any poultry and agrivet supply stores across the country. Thymol Fowl is currently the only known available fowlpox treatment drug in the country and is proven to be effective. This is sold per bottle but some smaller poultry supply stores sell per tablet. Dosage can be found in the box of the drug.

2. Chilli Pepper and Coconut Oil

Chilli Pepper (siling labuyo) combined with coconut oil (langis ng niyog) is an effective home remedy to treat fowlpox.


  1. Ground 5 pieces of chili peppers and mixed it with 2 tablespoons of coconut oil
  2. Apply the mixture directly to the infected area of the chicken using cotton balls or a cotton swab
  3. Repeat the process for 3 to 5 days and observe if changes are happening
  4. Repeat the process until the infection is totally removed

3. Shrimp/Prawn

Shrimp is very powerful in treating fowlpox based on personal experience. There is no scientific backing for this method but since this has been used by people in our village in Negros Occidental for decades, it truly worked.


  1. Get 2 medium-sized shrimp and sliced them without removing the skin.
  2. Feed the sliced shrimp to your chicken (Isubo sa manok)
  3. Repeat the process for 3 days and stop when the infection starts to heal.

Note: If shrimp or prawn is not available, alamang can be used.

There might be other home remedies used by other people but the 3 above are the only method we have experienced using and they are very effective so far. If you know other ways, you may leave a comment below.

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