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Cattle Farming: How to Grow and Raise Cattle for Profit

Have you ever tried raising a cow? Do you want to try the cattle business? If you are interested but you lack knowledge, you need to read this article.

The different breeds of cows for farming

The cow is a domesticated animal, a member of the subfamily Bovinae of the family Bovidae.

They are raised for their meat, milk, and dairy products, and as work animals (cart pulling, plowing, and the like).

Cattle belong to the species that is called ruminant or gnawing.

A ruminant is an animal that has the capacity to swallow its food until it reaches the stomach and this food returns to the mouth for a second time chewing.

It has a unique digestive system because of its stomach called the rumen.

There are more than ten types of cattle that are raised to use their meat. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Angus or better known as Aberdeen Angus with dark skin.
  2. Belted Galloway or better known as “oreo cattle” because of its skin.
  3. Brahman cattle, Charolais, Dexter, Gelbvieh, Hereford, Holstein.
  4. Limousin, Piedmontese, Red Angus, Scottish Highland, Shorthorn.
  5. Simmental, Texas Longhorn, Watusi.

Some of these breeds are not found here in the Philippines. If you want to enter the cattle business, you need to know proper cattle care.

How to care for cattle

In order to be successful in raising a cow, you need to know this proper guide. So read the following information to help with your business plan, cattle raising.

  • Choose a cow to buy. This will serve as a breeder for breeding cattle so choose a cow that is healthy and free of disease. For breeding, you need a female and a male cow.
  • If you bought the cow far away and it needs to be transported, avoid stressing the cow during the trip. Prepare a vehicle with enough space for the cow. Also, make sure that there is the air that can get inside the vehicle.
  • Find extensive cattle grazing land. There must be enough grass to feed the cattle.
  • Buy a thick, long leash or leash for the cow to use in herding. A long leash is needed for the cow to move freely around her pasture.
  • At night, he must have a good cage. He must also have food and enough water inside his cage. Add vitamins and minerals to your drink and food.
  • Give the cow the right vaccine and practice consulting veterinarians.

Bakahan Business: Food for your cattle

The cow is not picky so it is not expensive to feed the cow.

But when your pet cow is fattening, you need to know the foods you can give your cow.

  • Improved forage such as Napier grass, para grass, and guinea grass.
  • High-yielding forages include sorghum, hybrid corn, and sugarcane or sugarcane. It is given when these foods are more nutritious or not yet dry.
  • Corn, on the other hand, is the best-harvested whole with its fruit when it is ripe.
  • Roughages or crop residues such as straw, corn, stover, weeds, and so on.
  • And other by-products such as darak, copra meal, brewer’s spent grains, ground corn, jackfruit peels, cassava meal, and pineapple pulp.

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