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Pag-aalaga ng Kambing: How to Grow and Raise Goats for Profit

Goat meat is one of the most delicious meats I have ever tasted. Apart from its tasty and tender meat, it is also healthy to eat, because of the type of food it eats, such as grass, and plant leaves. This is why many people are interested in taking care of goats.

Do you want to have a goat? If yes, you need to know the proper care of the goat.

Different kinds of goats

The domesticated goat is a subspecies of the stray goats of southwest Asia and Eastern Europe. Domestic goats are one of the oldest domesticated animal species.

For thousands of years, people cared for them for their milk, meat, fur, and skin for leather. Over the past century, they have also become popular as pets.

There are so many types of goats around the world, each of them has its own characteristics and advantages.

Usually, these types are the main source of meat and milk. Here are the different types of goats and their characteristics.

Most common goat breeds for farming

1. Toggenburg
This breed is strong, has a long life, and eats well. It has white stripes on the face of the ear and has white marks on the legs and thighs. It can provide four liters of milk daily.

2. Anglo-nubian
This foreign breed is large in size and weighs 120 kilograms. The knees are round and straight, brown or black or spotted. Of the breeds from other countries, this is the most adaptable here in the Philippines. It can provide 2-3 liters of milk daily.

3. French Alphine
This is a goat known for its superb ability to produce milk. They have no color set or markings. They have horns, erect posture, and erect ears.

4. Saanane
It is a foreign breed of goat that is also suitable here in the Philippines. Its usual color is white or cream and without a beard. The adult hen weighs 50 -60 kilos and the hen weighs 65 -100 kilos.

Its female is able to produce milk for the longest time and can get each hen three liters of milk daily. The females of this breed of goat are called the “Queen of Goat’s Milk”.

5. Indian Lumina Pari (Jamnapari)
It has a strong physique and is adaptable to the hot climates of the Philippines. There’s its white color and there’s black. Its production is two liters of milk a day. Those are just a few of the many types of goats that are already here in the Philippines. Now that you know the different breeds of goats, let’s learn how to properly care for goats.

6. Boer
The Boer goat is a breed of goat that was developed in South Africa in the early 1900s and is a popular breed for meat production. Their name is derived from the Afrikaans word Boer, meaning farmer.


For building the house, use local materials such as sedge, nipa, coconut husk, and bamboo.

Old galvanized iron can also be used for the roof. No need to spend too much for housing.

Find a place to build a house that is not flooded. Also, make sure it is exposed to the sun and there should be good ventilation.

As for the design of the house, the goat house should be raised on the ground by at least one meter.

It is also necessary to make a hole in the floor that will serve as a deposit of goat dung and urine. This is important to keep the goat clean.

Give each goat one square meter of space so that it can move smoothly.

Proper feeding and drinking water for goats

It is very important for pet goats that they have proper nutrition.

Place a proper grass rack on the side or wall of the housing.

The wall must have an opening of the right size so that the goat’s head can come out properly when it is eaten.

Goats need to be properly watered. Use a bucket or container that can be filled with water. It is important that the water they drink is clean.

As for salt, it helps the goats as an appetizer. Melt and mix it with their drink.

Pet goats care

Purge the goats twice a year depending on the number of its worms.

Give laxatives before the rainy season or at the height of the rainy season to make the laxatives more effective.

Transfer of goats and pasturing

It is important to move the goat to the pasture. This way they can move more smoothly and breathe fresh air.

They can also eat fresh herbs and plants. Moving goats to pasture require proper supervision.

Controlling goat worms and deworming

It is important to take care of the health of pet goats because their lives depend on it.

A healthy body will definitely improve weight and prevent goat death, especially young goats, and newborn goats.

To control worms in goats, experts advise consulting veterinarians to give the goat the correct and adequate medication.

More tips on how to care for goats

It’s really nice to have your own goat, especially when it’s handled well.

Caring for a goat is not that difficult. Compared to other domesticated animals, goats are more gentle and adaptable to those around them.

In addition, they have many sources of food, so they do not need to spend a lot of money to take care of it.

Just like the ones I mentioned above, goat care only requires proper supervision.

There are so many benefits of raising a goat to humans, there is its meat, their milk, and hair that can be used as tools to make clothes and so on.

If having a goat is one of my dreams, maybe you are too!

The goat business only requires a small investment, but the return is huge profits.

According to research, an investment of up to 400,000 can earn five million in just five years, of which five million comes only from the sale of goats and does not include the sale of milk.

This is what emerged in the study of our agriculturists. This has proven to be a really good goat or goat care business.

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