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Sitaw Farming: How to Plant and Grow String Beans for Profit

Beans are one of the most staple vegetables found here in the Philippines. It is therefore not surprising why many farmers and entrepreneurs have already entered bean cultivation as a business. But what is the right way to grow beans?

What is sitaw?

Sitaw is called string beans or pole sitaw is popular and one of the main vegetables in the Philippines.  Legumes, dubbed the “meat of the poor” have the largest production compared to other legumes. It is rich in nutrients, especially protein. That is why it is called poor meat because just like meat, legumes are rich in protein.

Types of sitaw

The legume types are as follows: Black-seeded, Red-seeded, White Singapore, Green, and Purple Pods and Bush Sitao, and UP College of Agriculture improved varieties. Sitao can be planted in all types of soil and especially if the soil is loose. It can also be planted throughout the year.

But what is the right method of planting it? this is what our compatriots need to know who is planning to start growing beans as a business or even those who just want to grow at home as their own food.

How to plant sitaw

Method of Planting: Plow and rake the soil 2-3 times to make it fine and loose. Plant 2-3 seeds at a depth of 3 centimeters on each hill with a spacing of 60-80 centimeters in each furrow with a spacing of one meter. Place a stake on each hill when the plant has sprouted. Cultivate once or twice and weed. Water the crop every 10 days during the summer. Apply fertilizer to the furrows before planting. 250 kilograms of fertilizer per hectare will be needed. Cheap vegetable fruits can be harvested 60-80 days after planting. Dried fruits can be harvested after three (3) months.

Additional knowledge about string beans planting

Associated with planting are pests that can perch and damage the crop when it is neglected. This will cause low yields and losses to your business. So it is important that you know what to do first when a pest infects your bean. Here is the simplest tip:

Caterpillars, beetles, bean-flies, and plant lice are the pests that destroy native crops. To protect crops, spray Sevin as needed.

Interestingly, the bean is not as nutritious as other vegetables. Did you know that the bean prefers to grow weeds in the field at the same time? Yes, so legume is suitable for the zero tillage method of planting because it is OK for them not to till the soil. It also does not require too much fertilizer because the legume is a legume, capable of making its own nitrogen from the air, a process inherent in legumes.

Because it’s not hard to take care of, you need less capital to start growing beans!

Some popular sitaw recipes include but are not limited to:  ginataang sitaw with pork, sitaw with egg recipe, ginisang sitaw with shrimp, sitaw with pork, talbos ng sitaw recipe, sitaw with tofu in oyster sauce, bulanglang na sitaw, sitaw recipe pinoy, sitaw with corned beef, sitaw with tofu, etc.

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