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Garlic Farming in the Philippines: How to Plant and Grow Garlic

For those who want to try to enter vegetable growing as a business, garlic is one of the vegetables that has been tried and easily sold in the market. Perhaps garlic is only common among people because of its uses in our everyday cuisines. But did you know that it does not contain nutrients? What is the right way to plant garlic?

Garlic and its unique quality

Bawang or garlic in English is a type of vegetable used in cooking. It is a type of onion in the Alliaceae family. Onions are closely related to it. It has been used throughout recorded history, particularly in cooking and medicine. It has a spicy smell or taste that soothes and sweetens dishes. Its clusters are divided into loose grains (part commonly used). Grains are used as seeds, food (raw or cooked), and medicine. Leaves, branches or stems, flowers on the head are also edible and are usually eaten when young and tender. The seemingly paper wraps or skin and veins attached to the clusters are the distinct inedible parts. The strong smell of garlic comes from its sulfur-containing compound.

It reduces the amount of cholesterol in our body and also serves as a stimulant and antibiotic.

Garlic farming business: How to grow garlic

If you are planning to enter garlic cultivation as a profession or even those who are just at home who want to try garlic cultivation as a personal need, you need to know the proper way of growing garlic. How do you grow garlic?

Preparation: Choose beautiful and large grains of garlic. Separate its grain from the contiguous grains. Soak the grains in water for thirty minutes. After thirty minutes, take the garlic cloves and plant them in the prepared furrows. Garlic grows during the mild winter.

Planting: Plow the land for garlic planting. Planting is usually done during the months of September and October. After plowing, make a deep “tudling” between the deep embankment one meter wide. On each embankment, dig three shallow furrows to plant garlic.

Additional knowledge on growing garlic

Garlic is widely grown in Central and Northern Luzon and Mindanao particularly in Nueva Ecija, La Union, Nueva Vizcaya,  Ilocos Norte, Mindoro and Cotabato. Garlic is easy to grow so it can be propagated year-round. It is also not attacked by pests and diseases. It can be planted side by side. Leave only moderate space for its heads to grow.

Because it is also used in cooking, garlic can be bought even in markets and small shops. Garlic is now available as a tablet or in capsules, tea, or powder.

Fried garlic chips are also becoming popular snacks and sold together with peanuts, pili nuts, and other local delicacies.

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