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Top, Best, and Finest Filipino Gamefowl Breeders

Having a P75B ($1.5B) turnover each year, cockfighting is the biggest sport in the Philippines, bigger than all ball games including PBA combined. If Spain has a bullfight, the Philippines has a cockfight – it’s a blood sport though. While the rest of the world condemns cockfights due to animal death and cruelty, in the Philippines, it’s a sport, leisure, and an industry. Businesses connected to cockfighting employ hundreds of thousands of Filipinos. These businesses include game farms, breeding, and cockpit operations. 

In this article, we are giving you not only the top 10 gamefarms but the top 31 of the biggest, highly-respected, and well-known game farms in the Philippines. Some of these farms have their own prized bloodlines.

As for which provinces are known for fighting cock breeding, Negros Occidental seems to be the most popular. In 2014, then Governor Alfredo Marañon said that cockfighting is the second largest industry next to sugarcane with gamecocks worth around 4 billion pesos. His estimate was lower though as around 3rd of the country’s top breeders are located in the province.

Bacolod is known not only for breeding gamecocks but also the home of the famous “chicken inasal”. Thus, whether you want food or gamecock, the City and the province are a must to visit.

Here we’re giving you the list of more than 30 top gamefowl breeders in the country so when you do your online research on where to buy, you don’t have to waste time anymore. We provided their Facebook Pages where you may contact them.

Please take note that this is a breeders list and not cockers although all of these breeders are multi-champions too. What made them popular are their bloodlines being purchased by cockers. This list is not in order and you may click each link to their Facebook Pages.

1. Rafael Nene Abello of RGA Gamefarm

Also known as RGA Gamefarm, Nene Abello Gamefarm is located at #1 Purok PH, Roxas Ave, Bacolod, Negros Occidental. The farm is the home of the famous Possum 226 SWEATER. The owner Nene Abello is probably one, if not the biggest name in the cockfighting industry.  RGA Gamefarm has been winning national and international cockfights since 1992 and has won at least a dozen of derby championships.

Rafael “Nene” Abello – one of the bigegst names in gamefowl breeding in the country

2. Nene Aguilar Breeding Farm

Located at Balubad 2nd Rd, Silang, Cavite, Nene Aguilar Breeding Farm is another popular game farm founded by the late Las Piñas mayor Vergel “Nene” Aguilar. The farm is known not because it is owned by the late Mayor but because it has a handful of derby championship winnings.

3. Edwin Dela Cruz of AEJ Gamefarm

AEJ Gamefarm is owned by Edwin Dela Cruz and is the winner of the 2017 World Slasher Cup. It is located at Brgy. Suplang, Tanauan City, Batangas The farm’s bloodline includes Golden Boy Sweater, 5K Sweater, Gilmore Hatch, Kearny Whitehackle, and Dom.

4. Raffy Campos and Edwin Arañez of RED Gamefarm

RED Gamefarm is a big gamefowl breeder located in Lucban, Quezon province. The farm claims to produce 1,200 battle-ready fighting cocks every year. It is owned by Raffy Campos and Edwin Arañez and can be contacted through their Facebook Page

5. Doyet Lapido of DL Gamefarm

DL Gamefarm is owned by veterinarian Doyet Lapido in Catalunan Pequeño, Davao City. The farm produces gamefowls, offers K9 services, and has also an integrated farm.

6. Lancelot de la Torre of – Red Foot Gamefarm

Another well-known fighting cock breeder in negros Occidental, Red Foot Gamefarm is located at Red Foot Gamefarm, Sitio Masanglad, Brgy. Kabatangan, Talisay City. The farm is owned by Lancelot A. De La Torre Sr. and is the home of the Boston Roundhead.

7. Atong Ang of AA Cobra Gamefarm

AA Cobra Gamefarm is owned by the famous gambler and casino man Charlie “Atong” Ang and is located in Lipa City, Batangas. The farm is known not only because it is owned by a very well-known individual, but also because of its track record in derbies.

8. Sonny Lagon of Blue Blade Gamefarm

Blue Blade Gamefarm is located in San Pablo City, Laguna, and is owned by Ako Bisaya Party List Representative and well-known cockfighter Sonny Lagon. The farm is home to Barnett Sweater. Lagon won more World Slasher Championships than any other breeder on this list

9. Biboy Enriquez of Firebird Gamefarm

Firebird Gamefarm is one of the most popular game farms located in Tanay, Rizal. It is owned by Biboy Enriquez and is known for its White Kelso. The farm sells fighting cocks and breeders.

10. Dante Hinlo of  DVH and Sons 

Dante Hinlo of DVH and Sons in Bacolod is one of the biggest names and has one of the oldest game farms in the country.  His farm developed a variety of bloodlines with Kelso, Dan Grey, and Roundhead, but is famous in his DVH Black.

11. Juancho Aguirre / JGA and Sons 

Former Bago City Mayor Juancho Aguirre is a name cockers always heard during his earlier times. His farm, JGA and Sons which is located just south of Bacolod is known for its Lemon 84. 

12. Raffy Yulo of Rapapap Gamefarm

Raffy Yulo is a champion breeder who is known for his Elevator Kelso. His farm is located in Murcia, negros Occidental just 26 kilometers East of Bacolod. Rapapap Gamefarm is located inside a scenic area that looks like a resort instead of a game farm from above.

13. Art Lopez of ARL Gamefarm

Arturo “Art” Lopez is another champion Negrense breeder who is famous for his White Hatch. ARL Gamefarm is located in Brgy. Patag, Silay City – a historical place where the last Japanese soldiers in negros surrendered. Patag is called little Baguio due to its cool climate which is suitable for gamefowl conditioning. 

14. Neil Lizares of BNL Gamefarm Home

The sitting City Mayor of Talisay Neil Lizares is also an avid gamer and a champion breeder. Although some of his bloodlines came from nene Abello, he developed his own crosses that eventually gave him multiple derby championships. His farm BNL Gamefarm is located also in Talisay City, negros Occidental just 7 kilometers North of Bacolod. 

15. Eddie Boy Ledesma of Fire and Ice Gamefarm

Eddie Boy is a name cockers can always hear around the cockpit in Negros. He is a Negros Gamefowl Breeders Association (NGBA) Grand Slam 8 – Stag Champion 2004, 2005, 2006 (23 wins 1 loss in 3 years).  Fire and Ice Gamefarm sells Hulsey Lemon, Hulsey Grey, Sudden Death Grey, Sweater, Radio, Lacy Roundhead, Kelso, Hatch (Mclean, Leiper, Gilmore), Murphy Whitehackle, Claret, Democrat, and Albany. The farm is located in Brgy. Bata, Bacolod City.

16. Nap Delfinado of Napdel & Sons Gamefarm

San Enrique former Mayor Napoleon Delfinado Jr is another big name when talking about successful breeders. Napdel & Sons develop and breed winning fighting cocks. Napdel & Sons Gamefarm is located in San Enrique, negros Occidental.

17. Ampil Brothers os Ampil Brothers Gamefarm

The Ampil Brothers (Choi, Joseph & Gerard) of Escalante, Negros Occidental, and Cainta, Rizal bagged the 2006 World Slasher Cup II 8-Cock Invitational Derby with an unmatched score of 7.5 points via their entry EYB AIR Assault II, in partnership with 

Edwin Bacud of Cagayan. Regarded as the Philippine version of the legendary Goode brothers (Jay, Paul & Joe) of America, the Ampils surprised everyone with their accurate cutting aces.

18. Pol Estrellado of PE Farm

Pol Estrellado and his farm is located and known in San Pablo City, Laguna. He is a multi-champion who develops his own bloodline from Hatch, Sweater, and Kelso.

19. Mark Dela Torre of Mark Dela Torre Gamefarm

Mark Dela Torre Gamefarm owns a variety of bloodlines developed by its owner and multiple champion Mark Dela Torre. Brassback Boston Roundhead, Lemon 84, Brassback Boston, LDT Dom, and other locally-developed bloodlines. The farm is located in Bacolod.

20. Paeng Araneta of RCA Game Farm

Rafael ‘ Paeng” Araneta of RCA Game Farm is one of the most respected persons in the gamefowl breeding and cockfighting world in the Philippines. The Lemon 84 of Paeng started as crosses of Duke Hulsey. Paeng made them into a family.. a new strain of gamecocks. The lemon 84 become one of the most successful bloodlines in the country.

21. Mark Lim of Limpbizkit Gamefarm

Mark Lim might be one of the youngest breeders on this list but his success is helping him put himself into the lists of winning breeders. Limpbizkit Gamefarm is located in Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental where he develop his own bloodlines. 

22. Randolf Plaza of R.B.P Gamefarm

R.B.P Gamefarm in Malasiqui, Pangasinan is the source of some of the best game fowls in the Northern part of Luzon. Randolph Plaza is a winning breeder who continues to develop his own bloodline. 

23. Tony Lizares of Toliz Gamefam

Another member of a powerful political family in Talisay City, Tony Lisarez is another big name as a breeder in Negros Occidental. Toliz Gamefarm has been supplying winning fighting cocks all over the Philippines for years now.

24. Henri “Boy” Primalion of BPZ Gamefarm

Boy Primalion’s famous Zamboanga Whites have been winning derbies and championships all over Mindanao and becoming popular in the whole country. His farm is located in Zamboanga and contact details are available here

25. Manny Dalipe 

Manny  Dalipe’s game farm in Zamboanga City is not only the envy among the top fighting cock breeders in the world, but it was also made famous worldwide with the Zamboanga White, a new breed of winning rooster produced from his farm which is situated in the mountains of La Paz, west of the city. Dalipe is the former mayor and father of Congressman Mannix Dalipe.

26. Bebot Uy of Stallion Farms’ Blue Quartz 5

Considered one of Mindanao’s finest breeders, Bebot Uy has won many championship tournaments and his bloodline and gamefowls are also popular all over the country. Stallion Farms’ Blue Quartz 5 is located in Davao City.

27. Escolin Brothers of San Francisco Gamefarm and Green Country Gamefarm

Brothers Marlon and Martin Escolin have their own farms but when it comes to joining big championship games, the two always play as one. This results in multiple championships and putting their names on top in the process. Both farms are located in Roxas City, Capiz.

28. Paolo Malvar of Sunhaven Gamefarm

Paolo Malvar is one of few breeders from the North who made this list. His Sunhaven Gamefarm located in Tarlac is known for its winning bloodlines and is one of the most popular game farms in the North.

29. Bernie Tacoy of BGT ORMOC Golden Warrior Gamefarm

BGT ORMOC Golden Warrior Gamefarm is home to the most coveted and widely famous “Ormoc Golds”. These are sets of bloodlines that Bernie managed to innovate over time with his innate skills in selection the man has managed to cement his name in the industry.

30. Gerry Espina of Mt Panamao Gamefarm

Former Governor and current Biliran Congressman Gerry Espina is one popular name in cockfighting and breeding. His Mt Panamao Gamefarm located in Lipa City, Batangas, is home to a number of winning bloodlines. 

31. Bentoy Sy of BBSY Gamefarm Dapitan 

Bentoy Sy’s BBSY Gamefarm Dapitan in Dapitan City, Zamboanga del Norte is home to Authentic MEL SIMS bloodlines. Bentoy Sy holds a number of championship records and is a popular breeder in Mindanao.

Cockfighting is an industry and as you can see, politicians and influential people alike are engaged in this business. Even Manny Pacquiao had a game farm and was reportedly bet $360,000 in a cockfight. Pacquiao’s cockfighting habit was documented before but it was reported a couple of years ago that he gave up sabong (cockfighting).

We know there are many other breeders that are of top caliber and we know that missed them in this directory as some of them don’t have enough details online. We met most of these breeders personally though. If your name is not included in this small directory of breeders, please leave a comment below.

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