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What is Hen of Mos chicken

The Hen of Mos is a Spanish breed of chicken that originated from the Autonomous Community of Galicia; although it is beginning to expand throughout the rest of the Spanish regions.

Hen of Mos rooster

It receives its name from the parish of San Xiao de Mos, belonging to the municipality of Castro de Rei (Lugo), where the first specimens were acquired from which the breeding and selection of this breed began, from a group of chickens. jackets that were raised in the interior of Galicia, mainly in the region of A Terra Chá, in the province of Lugo.

The Official Catalog of Cattle Breeds of Spain includes it in the Group of Native Breeds in Danger of Extinction

Hen of Mos general characteristics

The bird has a rather small and well-shaped head. Red, smooth, and fine-textured face. Pea crest, with three longitudinal rows of papillae or points, is well defined and red in color. Small, fine-textured, smooth red chins with a well-rounded lower edge. Small ears, well attached to the face, smooth, lanceolate, and red in color. Strong, vigorous, and well-curved bill; In the upper jaw, the dark brown color predominates over the yellowish corneum; in the lower jaw, dark brown spots may appear, but only in the proximal part. Large, rounded, dark orange eyes. Slender and robust neck, rather long, erect, well feathered, and well attached to the body, with abundant cape floating on the back.
The trunk is broad, deep, long, and slightly inclined towards the tail. Wide back and falling slightly towards the tail, full of medium-length curls.

Wide, deep, and prominent chest, of great capacity. The tail of small size, the caudal sickles are short slightly surpassing the pilothouse feathers that are wide and overlapping. At an angle of 45 ° above the horizontal. Wide abdomen. Rather small wings, well folded and close to the body. Strong, robust, visible thighs of medium length. Tarsi is strong, thick, of yellow color, medium in size, without feathers, and with four strong and straight fingers. The weight of an adult rooster ranges between 3.5 and 4 kg.

Hen of Mos specific characteristics

In general terms, the phenotype of the hen is very similar to that of the rooster, except for those differences inherent to sex. The crest is less developed, as are the chins and ears, which retain their lanceolate shape. The chest is protruding but less than in the rooster. The live weight of an adult hen is estimated between 2.5 and 3 kg.

The Hen of Mos is bred in a traditional way, favored by its great rusticity, when the specimens reach adults they are raised in freedom, feeding on cereals and mainly natural products. It is a bird of mixed aptitude, having a good meat yield, and whose meat is highly appreciated for its flavor and quality.

To this must be added an acceptable egg production per year. Eggs with a light brown shell and a minimum weight of 50 gr.

Hen of Mos in the Philippines

Hen of Mos is not available in the Philippines since it is on the brink of extinction even in its native land.

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