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What is Ardennes Red Turkey breed

The Ardennes Red Turkey (Dindon rouge des Ardennes) is a breed of turkey that was supposedly brought to Flanders, a region of Europe) in the 16th century from Mexico by the Spanish. This breed of turkey almost disappeared, but it recovered again in 1985, especially in Champagne, Ardenne. Today it is the most popular breed of turkey in France.

Sometimes they tend to be wild and energetic in terms of temperament, good fliers, chickens are excellent mothers, with maternal characteristics of safety and protection towards the chicks, turkeys are also popular in France for their meat and the growth rate is relatively slow.

Ardennes Red turkey

The Ardennes red turkey is one of the rarest turkey breeds. Originally after being brought to France by the Spanish and served as a special dish for royalty. Although this breed has almost disappeared, we are happy that this unique bird is still preserved and offered for the traditional turkey market.

Ardennes or Ardennes red turkeys are a rustic and strong breed, with unique red feathers, which offer very slow growth. The slow growth of the turkey creates a final product of soft meat and strong flavor that is appreciated by the most respected chefs. The Ardennes red turkey embodies traditional gastronomy, turning any meal or recipe into a work of art.

Ardennes Red turkey characteristics

The Ardennes red turkey is a medium-sized bird with a very beautiful appearance. These birds are generally red or rusty in color with white on the wings and tail feathers. The red color of the tail is cleaner and the large wing feathers are more or less shaded red.

The feathers of the tome are bordered by a thin, very dark brown fillet. And the chickens are brighter. Both male turkeys and chickens have thick, strong thighs, and their toes are pink. The live average body weight of the mature turkey ranges from 8 to 9 kilograms. And mature chickens have an average weight of about 4 to 4.5 kilograms.

Ardennes Red turkey classification

Breeding the Ardennes turkey is less popular because it is a relatively less common breed of domestic turkey. It is a very strong and resistant breed, and it is raised mainly for meat production. The Ardennes turkey breed is native to France or its origins are strongly linked to France. And it was supposedly brought to Flanders in the 16th century from Mexico by the Spanish.

The Ardennes red turkey breed almost became extinct, but began its boom again in 1985, especially in Champagne, Ardenne. And today it is the most popular breed of turkey in France. However, as these birds are good for meat production, starting commercial Ardenne red turkey farming would be good business. If you think about raising birds of this type for profit, you can make a good profit from the business of raising red Ardennes turkeys, as it can be easily marketed.

Ardennes Red turkey behavior

These birds are resistant and very strong animals. They are very well suited to the outdoor rearing system, but can also be raised in a large pen with a covered roof. They are wild and energetic in terms of temperament and can fly. Ardennes red turkeys generally require less care than other types of turkeys. However, extra care will help the birds grow well and produce more.

Ardennes Red turkey care

Regularly monitor the health of your birds for any signs of illness or disease. Take action as soon as possible if you notice anything out of the ordinary. Vaccinate your birds on time, and you should always try to maintain good contact with a veterinarian in your area.

Ardennes Red turkey habitats

The animals are very well raised in an outdoor rearing system, they can also be kept in a large pen with a roof cover. Always try to provide your birds with enough clean and fresh drinking water according to their demand. And never feed your birds contaminated food.

Ardennes red turkeys are good to breed both in confinement and free-range. But they generally do very well in the outdoor rearing system. It is good to let the birds roam free as this has some benefits for the animal. This will also help you reduce feed costs, and at the same time, the birds will produce better quality products.

Ardennes Red turkey distribution

Today this breed of turkey is raised and very popular in France for meat production. The meat is of very good quality. The growth rate of the Ardennes red turkey is relatively slow and generally takes between 7 and 8 months to mature. However, you can take a look at the full breed profile on any poultry production site for consumption.

Ardennes Red turkey Feeding

If you have turkeys of this type, you should know that feeding the birds with very good quality, healthy and nutritious food is the most important part of the business of raising red Ardennes turkeys. Because good quality birds help birds grow better, produce more, and stay healthy.

You can feed your birds either commercial poultry feed or prepared turkey feed (if available in your area) yourself. Farmed birds such as turkeys generally require more protein than chickens. Therefore, make sure that there is an adequate amount of protein in their food.

Generally, the poultry starter feed should contain around 28% protein, and the mature poultry feed should contain at least 20% protein. You can use either a game bird or chicken starter food to feed your chicks for the first 6 weeks. And then switch to a suitable food after 6 weeks.

Ardennes Red reproduction

The Ardennes red turkey is raised mainly for meat production. Chickens are excellent mothers and can hatch their eggs effectively. Chickens produce an average of 30 to 60 eggs per year.

Like many other breeds of domestic turkeys, Ardennes red turkeys are naturally very good breeders as well. They reproduce easily and produce enough fertile eggs to hatch if a good ratio of hens to males is kept in the herd. Generally, a healthy male is enough to raise about 8 to 10 hens.

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