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Scammer lost P3.5M of OFW’s money to online sabong

An Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) lost around P3.5M of her hard-earned money to a man whom she trusted and gave authority to buy properties on her behalf.

“I promised I will never repeat everything I did. I will never deceive anyone again”, suspect Josel Sunpongco cried while promising not to repeat his mistakes again.

Sunpongco was arrested after the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Anti Fraud Division, set up an entrapment operation targeting him.

Authorities said that an OFW trusted her money and fortune to the suspect believing that the latter would buy properties on her behalf while working abroad. The money evaporated but there is no property except for the fake land titles with signatures forged by teh suspect.

“She noticed that the TCT (Transfer Certificate of Title) numbers of the supposedly newly-purchased land are similar to the TCT numbers of her other existing properties located in the North” head NBI agent Palmer Mallari said referring to the victim.

More than P3.5M of cash disappeared without a trace and the suspect also sold other properties owned by the victim without the latter’s knowledge. The suspect forged the victim’s signature and other documents.

“I searched Facebook for someone who can do the job (faking the documents). I copied the title of one of the properties in Camelia and make it a reference”, Sunpongco said admitting his crimes.

“When the lockdown started I learned to play online sabong and I lost everything. I was addicted. Sometimes I bet P5,000, sometimes P10,000,” he added.

“he did not notice that he was losing everything. He lost the money including the properties of the victim. He also mortgaged other properties without the victim’s knowledge”, Mallari said.

Sunpongco was charged with falsification of public documents, estafa, and violation of cybercrime law.

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