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Lists of gamefarms and gamecock breeders in Bacolod and Negros Island

When it comes to chicken of all sorts, Bacolod City, the capital of Negros Occidental is arguably the most famous place in the Philippines. Not only that it is the home of the original chicken inasal, it is also the home of the best gamefowls and fighting cocks in the country. 

In Luzon, a gamecock from Bacolod is considered high-end. They are the finest compared to gamefowls from other provinces. Although other provinces and cities are trying to establish their names recently, Bacolod is already an established “brand” when it comes to fighting cocks.

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If you are planning to visit the Negros island and want to buy gamefowls from there, it is better to have a list or try to contact the farms in advance. Here we are going to give you the list of known gamefarms and fighting cock breeders on the island of Negros, both in negros Occidental and Negros Oriental. Some of these farms have limited information online but you may contact them through their numbers. You may click the names to visit their website or Facebook Pages.

The following are the lists of gamefowl and battlecocks breeders in Negros Occidental and Negros Oriental. This includes medium-sized backyard farms.

Negros Occidental

Nene Abello GameFarm
Address: #1 Purok PH, Roxas Ave, Bacolod City
Phone: (034) 434 1640

Rafael “Nene” Abello is one of the biggest, if not the top names in the cockfighting industry in the Philippines. The farm sells both fighting cocks and breeders.

Ls Weggle Gamefarm
Address: Brgy. Sta Cruz, Murcia, Negros Occidental
Phone: 0915 508 6833
Ls Weggle Gamefarm sells gamefowls and also accessories like chicken ties and nylon cords.

Chrome Gamefarm
Address: Pantayanan Rd, Talisay City, Negros Occidental
Phone: 0995 581 4437

The farm sells gamefowls with bloodlines include DF 5K Sweater Red GF, Sweater 226 Nene Abello, BB Blue Blade GF S.L., Golden Boy Sweater Red GF, Aussie Kelso Chris Carrol, Machine Kelso Blue Blade GF S.L., Classic Roundhead, High-action Hatch Circle L GF, and Gilmore Hatch Red GF

BMB Game Farm – Neg Occ

Address: Campuestohan, Talisay City, Negros Occidental
Phone: 0998 544 0942
Bloodline: Double Roundhead and Black Mamba

GAB Gamefarm
Address: Cabatangan, Barangay Alangilan, Bacolod City
Phone:  0917 305 0900

JHG Gamefarm
Address:  Barangay Santa Cruz, Murcia, Negros Occidental
Phone:  0928 503 4504
Bloodlines available includes Sweater, Kelso, Gilmore, and Dink Fair

Mortal Bane Gamefarm
Address: Western Nautical Hwy, Cadiz City, Negros Occidental
Phone: 0950 890 8659

JGA & Sons Gamefarm
Address: Sitio Lunao Brgy, Bago City
Phone: 0918 909 4540
Bloodlines include Lemon, Sweater,  Hulsey Grey, and others

Bacolod Eagle Gamefarm
Address: 16 Gemini St, Bacolod City, Neg. Occ.
Bloodlines: Albany, 5K, Golden Boy Sweater, Boston Rh, Boston Secret White, RED White, SCS Hatch, SCS Dome, SCS Abair Kelso, Gilmore 

Address: Sta Cruz, Murcia, Negros Occidental
Phone: 0947 691 1819

B&T Gamefarm
Address:Talisay City, Negros Occidental
Phone: 0920 932 6802

Seafarmer’s Gamefarm
Address: Murcia, Negros Occidental

Address: Calatrava, Negros Occidental
Phone: (034) 729 9836
Harold Brown Grey, Roundhead, 5K 

Address:Bago City, Negros Occidental
Phone: 0908 357 6847

Address: Murcia, Negros Occidental
Phone: 0909 795 3378

Red Foot Game Farm
Address: Talisay City, Negros Occidental
Phone:: 0916 575 5766
Red Foot Gamefarm is owned by Lancelot A. De La Torre Sr. It is the home of the Boston Roundhead.

LGP Gold Colt Game Farm
Address: Talisay City, Negros Occidental
Phone: 0921 558 3491

DHG Game Farm
Address: Brgy. Sta. Cruz,  Murcia, Negros Occidental
Email: [email protected]

Monarch Gamefarm
Address: Calatrava, Negros Occidental
Phone: 0926 773 3965

Toppy Hatch, Peruvian, High Action hatch, Possum Sweater, Dink Sweater, Dan Gray rh, Mil Simms Hatch, Black Mcrae, Kelso, Leiper hatch, Yellow-Legged Hatch

Ragamak Gamefarm
Address: Barangay Talotog, Murcia, Negros Occidental
Genesis Whites, Amarillo Hennie, Raza Negra

R and S Abindan Gamefarm
Address: Barangay Ilijan, Bago City, Negros Occidental 
Phone: 63 929 306 6288
Email:  [email protected] 

Fire and Ice Gamefarm
Address: Circumferential Road, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental
Phone: 0917 300 3723

Eddie Boy Ledesma: Negros Gamefowl Breeders Association (NGBA) Grand Slam 8 – Stag Champion 2004, 2005, 2006 (23 wins 1 loss in 3 years). Contact details: 09188284423 / 09255625223

Bloodlines: Hulsey Lemon, Hulsey Grey, Sudden Death Grey, Sweater, Radio, Lacy Roundhead, Kelso, Hatch (Mclean, Leiper, Gilmore), Murphy Whitehackle, Claret, Democrat, Albany

CDC Gamefarm
Address: Katamnan 1, Barangay Concepcion, Talisay City
Phone: (036) 540 7005

JUB Gamefarm
Address: Poblacion, Murcia
Phone: 0920 257 3212

GAB Gamefarm
Address: Cabatangan, Talisay City, Negros Occidental
Phone: 0917 305 0900

Romy3388 Gamefarm
Address: Sitio Mamabucano, Cabatangan, Talisay City
Phone: 0905 328 9990

Silay N.U.M Gamefarm
Address: Barangay Mambulac, Silay City
Phone: 0917 834 3486

King_Cyrus Gamefarm
Address: Sitio Arceo, Barangay Alangilan, Bacolod City
Phone: 0917 346 5372

Redslasher Gamefarm
Address: Bago City, Negros Occidental
Phone: (075) 513 4110

DLM Gamefarm
Agricultural  and breeder of fighting cocks production in the Philippines
Address: Alangilan, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental
Phone: 0907 933 3803

Mcleh Hinojales Gamefarm
Address:Bago City, Negros Occidental
Phone: 0918 227 8193

Blacksparr Gamefarm
Address: Poblacion, Bacolod, Negros Occidental
Phone: 0929 649 0079

MM Troopers Gamefarm
Address: Himamaylan City, 6108 Negros Occidental
Phone: 0918 255 7343

Mikaela Game Farm
Address: Campuestohan, Barangay Cabatangan, Talisay City
Phone: 0918 888 1976

American Idol Gamefarm
Address: Sitio Sool, Barangay 13, Victorias City, Negros Occidental
Phone: (034) 707 4653

Winged Assassins Gamefarm
Address: Barangay Pahanocoy, Bacolod
Phone: 0923 676 6779

Farmstay in Himamaylan
Address: GENOVA ST, Himamaylan City, 6110 Negros Occidental
Phone: 0918 967 6862

Waccamaw Gamefarm
Address: Miranda Street, Alegria, Murcia City, 6129
Phone: (034) 244 6641

Noel Sarcepuedes Gamefarm
Address: Mambukal Road, Murcia, Negros Occidental
Phone: (034) 706 0192

Patriot Gamefarm
Address: Masua, Toboso, negros Occidental
Phone: 0921 777 7081

Geron Game Farm
Address: Sagay City, Negros Occidental
Phone: 0918 490 7540

Old Sagay Game Farm
Address: Sagay City, Negros Occidental
Phone: 0920 533 3591

Avenger Farms
Livestock breeder
Address: Kabutungan, Brgy. Alangilan, Bacolod City
Phone: 0926 682 4369

Silver Yana’s Nest
A Tradition of Pride Committed to Excellence and Quality
Address: C L Ledesma Ave, San Carlos City, 6127 Negros Occidental
Phone: 0927 624 7969

Address:Sitio Campuestuhan, Brgy. Cabatangan, Talisay City, Negros Occidental
Phone: 0917 624 0343

LCR Gamefarm
Address: Poblacion, Ilog, Negros Occidental
Phone: 0918 444 7564

Address: Prk 9 Bugul Brgy. Minoyan Mambukal Occidental, Murcia, Negros Occidental
Phone: 0999 933 1513

Boy Cordero Game Fowl Farm
Address: Bago City, Negros Occidental
Phone: (034)431-3119

Airblitz Farm (Rakiah Gamebirds)
Address: Campuestuhan, Talisay City, 6115 Negros Occidental
Phone: 0961 778 7485

JCA Fortune Gamefarm
Address: Manapla, Negros Occidental
Phone: 0918 311 9062

RCD Gamefarm
Address: Talisay City, Negros Occidental
Phone: 0929 703 1905

RGM Nesseth Game Farm
Address: Pulupandan, Negros Occidental
Phone: 0917 613 7548

Negros Oriental

Torks Gamefarm
Livestock breeder and battlecock
Address: Canlaon City, Negros Oriental
Phone: 0925 892 6983
Torks Gamefarm is breeding valiant birds to compete and entertain all sabong enthusiasts.

Suplared Game Farm
Address: Sibulan, Negros Oriental
Phone: 0945 511 1690

JohnVis Gamefarm
Address: San Jose, Negros Oriental
Phone: 0915 348 4843

Abellon Game Farm
Address: Dauin, Negros Oriental
Phone: 0939 758 3491

RSQ Gamefarm
Address: Inalad, Siaton, Negros Oriental
Phone: 09668877102

Birds Nest Gamefarm
Address: Upper Motong, Dumaguete City
Phone: 0916 134 0600

Band of Brothers Game Farm
Address: Sitio Takalan, Brgy. Sab-ahan, Bais City 6206
Phone: (035) 402 2001

There are other bigger farms that are not included in this list and also there are still almost 100 medium-sized backyard farms with at least 100 heads each that are not included in this list. If you want your farm to be listed here, please leave a comment below with your farm name, address, and contact number.

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