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Why You Should Trim Your Rooster’s Nails

Today I learned a very important lesson that I never learned for years that I’m growing native chickens. This experience prompted me to do more research on heritage chickens that are significantly larger and heavier than our native breeds. Although the hen involved in this experience is not a standard breed and has very thin feathers, the research said that we should really trim our roosters and even hens’ nails.

During the mating process when the rooster is on top of the hen, its full weight is stressing the hen and when its nails are sharp, it could only add problems to the hen.

Although this happens to my 45 days broiler that I tried to cross with full-size Black Australorp rooster, this could also happen to any American heritage breed when the rooster is big and heavy.

I never imagined that my one and only 45-days broiler would experience such a life-threatening ordeal that eventually led me to cull her as I don’t want to prolong her suffering.

Because the nails of the rooster are bigger, I used a side cutter plier instead of a nail cutter. I did the same to all of my roosters to avoid the same problem. It’s better to do this to have an assistant though so you can control the cut. If you are alone, there is a chance that you may cut longer that could hurt the chicken.

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