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When is the Best Time to Buy and Sell Chicks and Breeders

The current ratio of supply and demand for heritage chicken is 1:20 and anyone can buy chicks anytime when it is available but timing is also very important. The rainy season is ongoing and if you buy carelessly, chances are, your chicks will succumb to death which could result in financial loss.

When is the best time to buy?

Buying chicks from the month of January to June is typically recommended during the dry season. But if your brooder is inside the chicken house and with enough heat and lighting, buying chicks during the wet season is also possible. The wet season typically starts from July until December.

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Raising and taking care of the chicks during the rainy season is sometimes challenging especially if this is your first time raising chicken. Colds and other respiratory infections are very hard to treat so you must ensure that your birds are fully enclosed under the roof.

At what age should you buy the chicks?

Depending on your budget and the availability of supply, the best age to buy chicks is day-old especially if you are transporting them in a far place. Contrary to what many believe, day-old chicks are stronger compared to those 3 to 5 days because they are still supported by the nutrients they consume while developing inside their shells. Transporting a 2 to 3-day old is risky.

If you want to buy a breeder, 4 to 5 months is highly suggested but if there are younger available then grab it.

When is the best time to sell?

If you badly need the money, selling day-old chicks is recommended but if you want to make more and increase the cost, selling month-old chicks is good for the money. A day-old chick can cost around P180 depending on the breed but the same breed can fetch around P300 if it reaches a month of age.

Why you should not sell it after a month? The issue with selling chicks that are more than 1 month old is that buyers will select the females if the gender of the chicks can be identified leaving you all males.

Assuming customers picked all females and leave all males, take care of them. They will give you a better price when they reach 5 months of age. Roosters that are ready to mate can cost between P1300 to P2000.

If you want to maximize profit then have all chicks grown and sell the trio of breeders at 5 months of age. Trios can cost between P4,500 to P5,500 for RIR, BA, and BPR.

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