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What is Vantress Chicken

This might be your first time hearing a “vantress chicken” but before the ‘80s, this term was very popular and even in the United States today. Vantress is almost equivalent to 45-day broiler chicken hence the Vantress breeding line was one of the first to successfully develop the 45-day broiler chickens.


In 1974, the Vantress breeding line, a successful and popular breeding line was acquired by Tyson Foods Inc. That same year, Cobb, the oldest breeding company in the world was acquired by The Upjohn Company.

In 1986, Cobb-Vantress was formed as a joint venture between Tyson Foods, Inc. and the Upjohn Company. In 1994, Tyson Foods, Inc acquired the total ownership of Cobb-Vantress. Today, Cobb-Vantress is the world’s biggest supplier of the 45-day broiler chicken but the Vantress trademark remains a popular word to people.

Like many other hybrids, Vantress, or Cobb, is not really a breed but both a company and a type of chicken. There is nothing wrong with calling it a breed though as people are used to identifying chickens by the company that develops the breed. Like Kabir, SASSO, Dominant CZ, Hubbard, and others, Cobb-Vantress, or Cobb, or simply Vantress is used to identify a specific type of chicken.

Yes, all of us can tell the difference between the colored and 45-days broiler but few know what exactly the 45-broiler chicken is or its breed. Since the 45-days broiler chicken is developed by Vantress (later Cobb-Vantress), it is right to call that 45-days broiler chicken Cobb or Vantress. The 45-days broiler’s breed, however, is a cross of many breeds with Cornish and White Plymouth Rock as the main stocks.

Although there are many hatcheries in the Philippines that produce 45-days broiler day-old-chicks, most of their stocks are coming from Cobb-Vantress Philippines.

In Tanauan City, Batangas, there is a layer farm that produces more than 5,000 fertilized eggs of Cobb-Vantress every day. The eggs then are transported to another farm, a hatchery in San Jose, Batangas where the eggs are hatched and sold to broiler poultry farms. Parent stocks of the Tanauan farm are all from the Cobb-Vantress company.

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