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What is Thai Game Chicken Breed

The Thai game is a breed of chicken belonging to the group of Asian or Oriental game birds, which also includes the Ga noi don breed from Vietnam, the Malay, and the Shamo from Japan. As the name implies, these birds were developed in Thailand, where they were used in cockfighting. Cockfighting is a nationally recognized sport in Thailand.

Thai Game Characteristics

The Thai game is known for its speed and intelligence in combat. No action has yet been taken in Thailand to ban or properly regulate this controversial sport. On the contrary, there are many clubs and associations that promote cockfighting. Some of them try to exploit the combat aspects of the bird, while there is a counterpart concerned with conserving the breed for preservation and display purposes.

The Thai has a pea or walnut crest and its earlobes are bright red. The bird appears in a wide range of colors, with the red-breasted black-breasted rooster being the most common. Although the number of Thai game birds is limited, the popularity of the birds is increasing and they became known worldwide in different poultry clubs.

Breed varieties

Thai game birds come in many color varieties ranging from solid white to gray. However, standardized Thai game birds have black feathers with a metallic green sheen and blood-red back feathers and neck fluff.

Egg production

Thai game hens lay around 100 dyed eggs per year and hatch their eggs. They are not the best brooder hens due to their muscular bodies, but they make excellent and protective mothers.


The Thai game or Thai game bird is a breed of fighting chickens, native to Thailand. In their homeland, these birds are known as gaichon. “Gai” means “chicken”, while “chon” means “battle” or “fight.” A testament to the heritage of this breed.

Breed recognition

Asian game bird breeds are typically displayed in their native lands as they are naturally, that is, without their combs and barbels being clipped. The standards of perfection, specifically, the Thai standard of poultry perfection with respect to Thai play, recognize birds in their natural states. Unlike other western hunting breeds, they tend to show themselves with their combs and chins clipped.

At present, there are many associations and clubs in Thailand that are dedicated to promoting this breed. Although some of these clubs are more concerned with the combat aspects of the Thai game, many fans of the breed are dedicated to its beauty and go a long way towards preserving pedigree lineages and sponsoring exhibitions of these beautiful birds in their native country.

In recovery

The popularity of Thai game birds is constantly growing. In fact, this breed can now be found in virtually every corner of Southeast Asia. Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Burma, and even Vietnam and Indonesia have significant populations of Thai game birds. This breed has also been exported to even further afield, including countries in the Middle East, South America, and of course the United States.

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