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What Is SASSO Chicken

SASSO chickens are one of the most popular chicken brands in the Philippines raised in the backyard and even in large-scale free-ranging like the Pamora Farms in Abra.

SASSO (Sélection Avicole de la Sarthe et du Sud Ouest or Poultry Selection from Sarthe and South West), is a France-based poultry breeding company that was founded way back in the 1950s by French farmer Serge Perrault.


In the 1950s Serge Perrault from southern France wanted to preserve the traditional chicken breeds. His work led to the development of the Sasso T lines. A project by a cooperative of farmers in the same area led to the creation of SASSO when they were involved in the development of the “Label Rouge” specifications for traditional chicken.

It was in the 1990s that SASSO opened a second location near the airport so as to streamline the export of the SASSO breeds.

In 2016, SASSO signed an alliance with Hendrix Genetics, leading to a collaboration in 2017, where Hendrix Genetics acts as a backup for all international SASSO breeding grandparent stock activities. They worked to the advantage of both SASSO and Hendrix Genetics, giving SASSO an international footprint while being an addition to Hendrix Genetics foray into the Traditional Poultry Breeds, which it started in 2013.

In Kenya, SASSO breeds are distributed via Tanzania’s Silverlands Company where they distribute SASSO day old chicks through small distributors in Kenya

Is SASSO a Breed?

  • Ano sapatos mo? Adidas
  • Ano bag mo? Louis Vuitton?
  • Ano pabango mo? Avon

See the above? No one is arguing about any of the statements above when all of these are company names and not shoes, bags, or fragrances. Why it is so difficult for us to accept when someone asks “Ano breed ng manok mo? SASSO”

This question has been the subject of many arguments similar to Kabir chickens. Although SASSO is not really a breed but the name of a company, calling it a breed is not really an issue and should not be criticized.

Take Louis Vuitton for example. Louis Vuitton is a fashion company and not really the name of a bag. When someone asks “What is your bag?”, and you answer “Louis Vuitton”, no one is going to argue that Louis Vuitton is not a bag but a name of a company, right? The same should apply to SASSO. Yes, SASSO is a company name but there is nothing wrong with calling it a breed as well. All known breeds are cross-bred after all. And that includes Black Australorp, Rhode Island Reds, Barred Plymouth Rocks, etc. All domesticated breeds are hybrids because they are developed from different types of birds. There should be no argument whether SASSO is a breed or not.

SASSO has many lines of breeds.

The SASSO chicken breeds are very popular in Africa due to their ability to withstand the African poultry-keeping conditions. The popular lines of breeds are the SASSO Rainbow T (TR), SASSO Rainbow X (XR), SASSO Ruby C (C44), SASSO Ruby N (XL44N), and SASSO Ruby T (T44).

SASSO is a name of the company but can also be referred to as a breed, and a brand.

Why Raise SASSO Chicken?

Raising SASSO chicken has many benefits because it is big, meaty, and easy, and faster to grow compared to our native chickens.  SASSO is developed as a broiler which is primarily for meat production via free-ranging but raising it for breeding and hatchery has also a big financial benefit. Many people are looking for both chicks and breeders and if you have a flock of SASSO, selling chicks is profitable.

There are 2 main benefits for raising SASSO and depending on your choice, any of the following can be a moneymaker.

  • Raise SASSO as broiler and sell meat
  • Breed SASSO and sell chicks

Do SASSO hens lay eggs?

Like all chicken breeds, Sasso can lay an average of 220 to 260 eggs per year but they can’t be good if raised as layers. Most of them don’t sit on eggs but some do. You put the fertilized eggs in the incubator for hatching if you want to maintain a flock.

Can SASSO roosters fight?

All breeds of chicken whether they are meat breed or layer breed can fight and SASSO rosters are no different. Especially when old and dominating a flock, a SASSO roster will fight to protect his flock but will not fight longer and will eventually run away. It’s a normal instinct of any chicken breed to fight.

Where to Buy SASSO?

If you want to start raising SASSO chicken, you should look for reliable sources. There are many breeders growing SASSO in the Philippines but if you take time to source and search online, you would probably find a number of breeders.

There are many types of SASSO chickens and you can choose depending on your preference and the availability of parent stocks and breeders.

We compiled a list of breeders, farms, and backyard growers in the Philippines and you may contact these growers and ask if they grow SASSO.

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