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What is Rosecomb chicken

The Rosecomb is one of the oldest bantam breeds in the UK and was named for its distinctive rose crest. It is a true breed of bantam chickens and not a miniaturized version of large birds. At present, the breed is mainly bred as an ornamental breed. In more recent years, other breeds, including the Hamburg, have been known to be used in selective breeding programs to improve the breed.

Rosecomb characteristics

In addition to its large and distinctive rose crest, other traits of the breed include large white earlobes and a large tail with abundant plumage. These little birds always stand upright and proudly stand like little soldiers. Roosters generally weigh between 570 to 620g while hens reach the weight of 450 to 510g.

Rosecomb breed varieties

Rosecombs have been documented with at least 26 color varieties recognized by the American Bantam Association, although only three are recognized by APA, Black, Blue, and White, with Black being the most popular. It is one of the most popular display birds with hobbyists today and was shown at North America’s first poultry show in 1849.

Rosecomb breed temperament

Rosecomb chickens are generally hardy and active birds. They are usually friendly and easy to handle, but roosters can be aggressive when threatened.

The Rosecomb is suitable for all climates and is also well suited to confinement. They are good fliers. Although special care must be taken in extremely cold climates since its crest is prone to frostbite. They are friendly birds by nature which makes them good pets.

Rosecomb  egg production

Egg production from Rosecomb hens is very poor.
They lay about 50 cream-colored eggs per year. They will start laying eggs around 24 weeks.

Rosecomb history

Rosecombs are true bantams, developed by English breeders, and have been known since at least the 15th century. The earliest records of the breed are from the 14th century in Great Britain, although it may have another point of origin. Their popularity as an ornamental breed first took off after King Richard III began breeding them. And this fame lasted among poultry enthusiasts until the 19th century.

Rosecombs were featured in North America’s first poultry show in 1849, as well as being admitted to the first edition of the American Standard of Perfection in 1874.

Rosecomb breed recognition

Today the Rosecomb is kept primarily as an ornamental bird. And it remains popular with fans of show breeds in the UK. Rosecomb chicken was admitted to the American Poultry Association’s Standard of Perfection in 1874.

There are many varieties of Rosecomb colors, although the APA only recognizes black, blue, and white Rosecombs. The large red rose is obviously a trademark of the breed, as is its large round white lobe. Rosecomb chicks cost around $3 to $5 depending on your location and availability. In other countries like the Philippines, it costs more than 10 times.

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