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What is Potchefstroom Koekoek Chicken Breed

The Potchefstroom Koekoek or Potch Koekoek is a South African breed of chicken developed in the 1960s at the Potchefstroom Livestock and Dairy Research Institute. It was developed by crossing a variety of breeds such as the Black Australorp, White Leghorn, and Barred Plymouth Rock to obtain the specific characteristics of each, which makes the resulting breed more suitable for the climatic conditions of southern Africa.


The breed was developed to be a dual-purpose bird, with excellent egg-laying capacity, as well as a great structure for meat production. Today, the meat of this breed is still very popular with local communities and is preferred over that of commercial broiler hybrids.

Pure Koekoeks are very attractive due to their black and white appearance. It is an auto-sexed breed, so we can distinguish if the chicks are roosters or hens from the moment they hatch.

Breed temperament

The Potchefstroom Koekoek is specially developed to adapt to the climatic conditions of South Africa. It is a lively and active bird, a great forager. It will scrape around and catch worms and it also loves to eat a wide variety of vegetables. Thanks to their varied intensive foraging diets, they produce some of the richest and most delicious orange buds. They are large brown shell eggs and their yellow flesh is delicious! An FAO study found that it performs better than all other indigenous chickens in South Africa. The meat is tough, tasty, and meaty. The koekoek is a happy, active, and cool ranger.

Egg production

Koekoeks hens are excellent layers and can maintain good egg production even with poor or insufficient feeding. They also have a large body structure for meat production, suitable for farmers. The breed lays a brown dyed egg of exceptional quality and production exceeding 200 eggs per year.


This breed was developed by Mr. CL Marais of the Livestock and Dairy Research Institute, in the academic town of Potchefstroom in South Africa. Breeding began in 1947. Black Australorp roosters were raised with White Leghorn hens and F1 hens and roosters in the first attempt to create the breed. Subsequently, the result of these crosses, hens with barred plumage was obtained that were mated with Plymouth Rock roosters to give rise to the first Potch Koekoek.

Over time, only the yellow-skinned roosters were used and breeding continued until all the offspring had only the yellow skin color and striped feathers. These crosses were made to introduce as much Black Australorp blood as possible.


If you want an active and happy hen that can roam your garden in search of worms and insects, fresh green leaves, and cherry tomatoes, and is also resistant to the harsh weather conditions of South Africa. ; and you need a hen that lays enough eggs, but also hatches them and can raise chicks warmly under her wings. The Potchefstroom Koekoek is the perfect chicken for you.

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