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What is Double Breasted Chicken

Double-breasted chickens are a type of fast-growing chickens, being able to weigh up to 3 kilos in 6 or 7 weeks. Also known as barbecue chicken, broiler, or double breast, these varieties of birds have a slightly more developed breast than others and have early growth. It also has a more succulent and juicy flavor, for all this, it is a highly sought-after variety.

Below are all the characteristics, breeds, and feeding of the double-breast or broiler chickens. It should be mentioned that in the eyes of consumers there is no difference between the varieties of breeds of this group of barbecue birds.

Chickens with Double Breast

Large, fast-growing precocious chickens are known as double-breasted chickens, which can reach a maximum weight of up to 3 kilos, in no more than 7 weeks (45 days). These types of birds fully develop their organs in 2 weeks, at the fourth week their bone development is very advanced and after 30 days the muscle begins to grow very quickly until it weighs 3 kilos.

This impressive growth speed is totally related to genetics (race) and accompanied by excellent nutrition. Today a broiler chicken is the age of a juvenile chicken but the weight of an adult chicken.

This type of bird has a more developed and voluminous breast than other types of hens, which is why it was given the name of the double breast. But they are also known by the name of barbecue, broiler, 45-days, or heavy. There are different breeds of chickens that can be classified as such, but for this, all varieties share particularities that stand out as broiler chickens, among the main characteristics the following can be listed:


  • Very fast-growing (45 days).
  • Weight from 2.5 to 3 kilos.
  • An excellent feed conversion rate (transformation of food into meat).
  • Its meat is white, soft, and with a minimum of fat.
  • The meat of these chickens has a better flavor and is juicier.
  • The bird is very calm and sociable.
  • Low egg production.

Double Breast Chicken Breeds

1. Broiler

It is the flagship chicken of the broilers, specially bred to obtain more meat in less time, in addition to producing more muscle per kilo of food. Obtaining one of the best feed conversion rates.

It is also known as “Rock Cornish”, its meat, like all breeds of barbecue, is soft, with a better flavor and juicier. It is the result of the crossing of a male of the Cornish breed with a barred rock female. Learn more about the Broiler breed.

2. Cobb (Cobb-Vantress)

It is recognized as one of the best 5 broiler chickens, in this variety the male is used to commercialize meat. They have excellent viability and their feed conversion rate is outstanding, making them one of the favorite breeds for poultry farmers.

It is a fast-growing chicken that can easily reach more than 2.5 kilos in 7 weeks. In addition, its meat is considered very soft and of excellent flavor. Among the cobb varieties, the “cobb 500” is the most effective line worldwide for meat production. Learn more about the Cobb hen.

3. Ross

It is widely used in the poultry industry due to its rapid growth and minimal feed consumption. It is a hen that adapts easily to different types of climates, so it can be raised almost anywhere. Among the lines that are handled the “Ross 308” is one of the most popular for its rapid growth and weight of up to 3 kilos.hi

It originated from Ross Farms in 1980, hence the hen’s name. The Ross chicken was developed with the purpose of being a fast-growing bird, high meat yield, and efficient in feed conversion. Due to its growth profile, it is characterized by being a bird quite resistant to metabolic diseases.

4. Arbor Acres plus

Arbor Acres plus chicken is a double breast chicken variety specially designed for broilers with good throughput. Developed by the Avigen brand and it is one of their most successful lines due to its good performance to produce meat.

Breeders use this line of chickens for having an excellent growth rate, as well as a favorable feed conversion factor and chicken viability.

5. Hubbard chicken

It is indisputably an excellent barbecue chicken, among the main qualities of the Hubbard Classic are its strong initial growth together with a good consumption rate. In addition to its robustness and adaptability that is evident in all temperature and feeding conditions.

The Hubbard broiler line has a high performance in weight and size, which is increasing year by year. It is common to process this line obtaining a weight of 2.5 – 3.2 Kilos, in the United States, in some companies the weights can exceed 3.6 Kg.

We invite you to know more breeds of Meat Hens, different from the so-called “grilled or double breast” both for their origin and their handling, rearing time, reproduction and not being considered “industrial”.

Broiler chicken feeding

When we talk about feeding double-breasted or fattening chickens, it should be taken into account that an “excellent development of the animal in a short period of time” is sought. For this to be possible, it must have a balanced diet that provides the necessary nutrients in each of the bird’s development stages.

From the first days of birth, it is recommended to provide food with high protein and energy content, in addition to its vitamins and minerals and good hydration. In the market, there is a lot of very good commercial feeds that help us reach the target weight of the bird.

You can buy the food that you consider most useful for your specimens, but it is always advisable to carefully observe the ingredients with which the product was made and what nutritional composition it offers. It is not necessary to reveal the proportions, as these may be trade secrets, but the ingredients must be well-identified.

The characteristics to take into account for their diet are:

  • They need to be fed at the ratio that provides an average of 3,160 kg/cal per kilogram (kcal/kg).
  • Provide a minimum of 20% protein during the initiation phase, 18% protein in the growth phase, and a minimum of 16% protein in the finishing phase.
  • Lights on at night encourage birds to eat more. This tactic can be applied a few days before slaughter.

It is also important that the facilities offer environmental comfort, ideal handling conditions, and protection against predators and animals that can transmit diseases.

Know recommendations to fatten chickens quickly and prevent them from losing weight.

The chicken should be ready for slaughter when it reaches the seventh week, during this time the food must meet the nutritional needs. If they are not adequately satisfied, the animal will take longer to gain weight (causing more expenses for the poultry farmer).

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