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What is Cinnamon Queen chicken

The Cinnamon Queen, also known as Cinnamon Queen is a breed of hen auto sexed, which means that the sex of the chicks can be clearly distinguished based on appearance from birth. The breed was developed from crossing a Rhode Island white hen and a Rhode Island red rooster. This breed has not been recognized by the American Poultry Association.

Cinnamon Queen Characteristics

Cinnamon queen hens are reddish-brown with white spots. The roosters are white with brown spots. Use this information as a guide to check your chicks before purchasing to increase your chances of taking home a hen. If you really need only chickens, be sure to check your chicks yourself – it’s not foolproof, but a quick look can avoid an emotionally costly mistake.

The cinnamon queen is known as a dual-purpose breed, but due to their rapid growth and large size, they are often considered table birds. They have yellow skin, lay brown eggs, and chickens often hatch their eggs.

Cinnamon Queen Egg production

Cinnamon Queen hens are considered wonderful laying hens, as they will not even stop laying eggs during the cold winter, which guarantees that you will have eggs throughout the year. This breed will start laying eggs at an earlier age than most standard breeds and will produce large brown eggs. They place approximately. 260 eggs per year |

Breed Temperament

Cinnamon queens have a reputation for being particularly sweet and docile birds. Many owners say that they are the sweetest members of the herd. They are described as outgoing, friendly, active, and make excellent pets.

Cinnamon Queen History

Like several other breeds of auto sex chickens. Cinnamon Queens were developed to meet the needs of modern herd keepers. Most people who raise chickens are looking for excellent egg production, and these birds will not disappoint. Cinnamon queens were developed by crossing a Rhode Island red rooster and a Rhode Island white female.

You can also identify which is rooster or hen from when they hatch. If you live in an area that does not allow roosters, you should know the sex of your chicks immediately. Female chicks are reddish-brown and male chicks are white.

Cinnamon queens do not breed birds of the same breed with each other. In other words, if a rooster and a cinnamon queen hen mate, the chicks will not be self-exchanging at birth, nor are they likely to have the same shape and color as their parents. Besides excellent egg-laying ability, another great advantage of raising hybrid birds is that they tend to be hardier than standard breeds.

The cinnamon queen is a production hen that can suffer from egg sticking. To help avoid egg clogging and avoid tragedy, make sure your hen is getting enough calcium.

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