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What is Cherry Egger chicken

Cherry Egger is a breed created exclusively for the production of eggs, which means that they are a combination of breeds aimed at maximizing the production of laying hens. Some call them the New Island Reds, New York Reds, Production Reds, Commercial Reds, the New Hampshire Reds, or even Red Sex Links. In fact, they all have something to do with it: they are derived from the crossing of the Rhode Island Red and New Hampshire breeds.

Cherry Egger Characteristics

They mostly have a single comb and tall, yellow legs. Its plumage is dense, which makes it a very hardy breed for bitter northern winters. The Cherry Egger is named after the color of its feathers: we can find them in various shades of red, from brown to chestnut.

Cherry Egger Breed Cherry Eggerarieties

The color of the feather can also vary depending on the quality of the crossing. Some will have a deep garnet red hue and others will appear to have a rich golden brown color. The Cherry Eggers are medium-sized birds and the hens can weigh up to 7 pounds, making them the perfect dual-purpose breed for meat and egg production.

Breed temperament

Known for their placid nature, both as chicks and adults, they could become incredible pets that will provide a delicious source of food almost every day, they also adapt very well to confinement, although it is always advisable to raise chickens in the open field where they can run and explore. Some owners of this breed claim that their hens are very friendly birds and they rarely sit to incubate the eggs.

Cherry Egger Egg production

As it was developed from the crossing between two prolific layers, they must produce an egg daily even during the cold winter. They were originally thought to have been mixed with a Leghorn, due to their high egg production (over 300 eggs per year). Hens start laying around 20 weeks. Their eggs can be large to jumbo in size and range from light creamy brown to darker mocha brown.

Cherry Egger History

In the 1930s, the Rhode Island Reds were making history as the # 1 breed in America. Due to its popularity, the breeders of that time sought to develop a rapidly growing utilitarian bird, which is why they began to cross several of their Rhode Island red roosters with New Hampshire chickens, so around the 1950s the result of this crossing began to be called “Cherry Egger”. Some fans of this new breed of chicken have been working hard to get this breed officially accepted as a new breed.

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