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What is Brown Burford chicken

The Burford Brown is a dual-purpose breed of chicken developed in the UK and is especially appreciated for its incredible brown egg-laying ability. The famous Burford Brown hens’ eggs are marketed in London’s major shops and restaurants and can be found in almost every supermarket across the UK, under the ‘Clarence Court’ label. Their superior quality makes them the first choice for cooking and making great cakes.

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Burford Brown characteristics

These birds make excellent garden pets, always alert, cheerful, and can be domesticated, but they do not adapt very well to confinement, so they must be raised in the open field. The minimum recommended size, in case it is raised in confinement, is 10 square meters per hen.

Burford Brown breed temperament

Ideal for free life in the garden, even in the harshest climates, it is placid, very kind, and loves people and children. This, along with its impressive appearance, makes it the perfect choice for a pet. You need plenty of room to walk, play, and stay healthy.

Burford Brown egg production

Burford Brown chickens are excellent producers of thick-shelled eggs, with a dense texture and an out-of-this-world flavor. She is, without question, one of the best brown egg producers, and can lay around 240 eggs in the first year, and laying continues for many years in the right conditions.

Burford Brown history

The Burford is a very popular breed of chicken throughout the United Kingdom, it was raised commercially in the Cotswolds in the 1940s by entrepreneurs Philip Lee-Woolf and his grandmother Mabel Pearman, who lived in the town. from the Burford, where the breed’s name comes from.

Burford Brown trademark

In 1980, at the Millhampost farm, Philip began commercially raising Burford Browns to supply eggs for the Fortnum & Mason department store, under the Clarence Court label, which gave quality status to their poultry products. Other major London stores and hotels joined the rush for these delicious brown eggs. During those years, eggs from Burford hens were unique, as UK shops and supermarkets only offered low-priced, light-colored hybrid eggs, produced in an Industrial way prioritizing quantity, rather than quality.

A few years later, Phillip decided to move to the Coach House farm on Broadway, where the Burford Brown egg brand and its prestigious ‘Clarence Court’ label became famous, and major supermarkets across the UK marketed his eggs. For the first time, British consumers were able to buy truly traditional dark brown eggs.

The Burford Brown today

Over the next ten years, egg sales continued to grow, and to this day, Burford Brown eggs have no competition. After making their mark on the UK egg industry, Philip and his wife Janet decided to part ways with the Clarence Court label I have worked with for so long, to spend their time raising their wonderful chickens under the “Legbars of Broadway” brand. , so that everyone can enjoy the pleasure of keeping these wonderful chickens and their incredible brown eggs.

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