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Tepox 48: The Right Drug for Diarrhea and other Digestive Infections

Tepox 48 is one of the leading poultry drugs intended to treat intestinal and digestive infections. Tepox 48 is developed and being manufactured by Excellence Poultry and Livestock Specialists Inc, or famously known as “Tatak Excellence”.

This potent antibiotic has a combination of Trimethoprim and Sulfamethoxazole which is proven to be very effective against Colibacillosis (yellowish droppings – diarrhea), Pullorum (whitish droppings – diarrhea), and Coccidiosis (diarrhea with blood mixture). The drug is also effective against fowl cholera and other digestive infections that result in abnormal droppings.

Although Tepox 48 is developed primarily for gamefowls, the drug is proven to be effective in all types of chickens and can also be used in swine.

Tepox 48 can be purchased in any poultry and agrivet supply and is widely available online in both Lazada and Shopee. The price ranges from ₱34 to ₱36 per 5g sachet. You can get a discount if you buy in bulk online.


For chickens that are not having any problem yet, prevention is necessary, especially for free-range chickens. These birds can easily get diseases from contaminated soil and water.


Mix 1 sachet of 5 grams Tepox 48 to 10 liters of clean water.  Serve the mixture  for 3 straight days


Mix 1 sachet of 5 grams Tepox 48 to 5 liters of clean water.  Serve the mixture for 5 to 7 days.

Serving the mixture in the morning when their stomachs are empty is highly recommended.

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