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Organic Chicken Food – Young Banana Fruit

The devastation caused by typhoon Quinta left us with tons of damaged banana and many of them have young banana fruits that not even qualified to be made nilupak. Thinking of what can be done, I decided to have some experiments and boiled some. I then sliced it and the chicken really loved it.

Here is the video below of the total procedure.

Banana is not the only fruit that we can give to our chickens as additional food.

By doing this experiment, we found out that banana is an effective alternative food for chicken and can be considered as homemade organic chicken feed.

I tried papaya as well and they also loved it.  I will post a separate video about papaya shortly.

For the banana, just make sure everything is cooked to avoid any problem. I’ve been experimenting with other organic foods to be used as additional food for my chicken and so far they liked it. I will create separate videos for papaya, gabi, and even ube as these are prepared differently.

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