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Lists of Free Range Chicken Farms and Backyard Breeders in the Philippines

A lot of people asking not only on our Facebook Group and FB Page where they can buy heritage chicken and even if we answer them one-by-one, not all can really access every available breeder in their locality. Because of this, so we decided to compile the list of hundreds of free-range chicken backyard breeders of both heritage and native chickens all over the country.

The list is grouped by region for easier access as we can’t just put all lists on one page.

Provinces that are not listed mean we cannot find any breeder or farm online especially in the Bangsamoro Region. Unfortunately, we cannot find anyone online who raises free-range chicken in the Bangsamoro area. If you know someone, please let us know by leaving a comment below.

Please select your location below to see the lists of breeders

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