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Kabir vs SASSO Chickens and the Argument Behind

We Filipinos are extremely adaptable that even when provided with the wrong information, we can easily disseminate and share, and later, other people are becoming used to it.

Take the motorcycle fairings for example. More than half of Filipino motorcycle owners call it “flerings” instead of fairings and when corrected, they just say “ganyan talaga and tawag sa Tagalog.” A lame excuse for stupidity and ignorance.

Enter the chicken raising. The Barred Plymouth Rock has been abbreviated as PBR instead of BPR and most chicken raisers are used to say it now.

The issue with Kabir and SASSO

Kabir and SASSO are both developed for meat production rather than eggs as both animals are developed from big parent stocks.

Kabir is an Arabic term that means “big” and Arabs are calling their big chicken “kabir dijaj.” There is no issue with it. They can call every animal or thing “kabir” if they think it is bigger than normal like “kabir maeiz” for “big goat”, or “kabir jamal” for “big camel.”  The “kabir” term, however, has nothing to do with the Kabir chickens that many Filipinos are raising in their backyards. 

The Kabir chicken brand was developed by Kabir International, an Israeli hatching company founded by the late Zvi Katz. The company was acquired by Cobb Europe in 2009, hence, the Kabir brand becomes one of Cobb’s most popular brands. Cobb claims to be the world’s oldest poultry breeding company founded in 1916 when Robert C. Cobb Senior purchased a farm in Littleton, Massachusetts, forming Cobb’s Pedigreed Chicks. It was purchased by Upjohn in 1974 and later sold to Tyson Foods in 1994 while maintaining its original name.

Right usage of  the term “kabir” in chicken

Should we call our big chicken “kabir” too? Absolutely not because we are not Arabs. We can only call our chicken Kabir if it’s from Kabir line of hybrids – the red-brown broiler from Cobb. The argument that the origin of Kabir chicken is the Arab term which means big is essentially wrong. They can call their chicken kabir when it’s big but it has nothing to do with the Kabir chickens that we are raising.

What about SASSO?

SASSO line of breeds image credit Notice the naked neck chickens at at the left.

SASSO (Sélection Avicole de la Sarthe et du Sud Ouest or Poultry Selection from Sarthe and South West), is a France-based poultry breeding company that was founded by French farmer Serge Perrault in 1978. The company has been part of Hendrix Genetics, a leading global multi-species breeding company. With partnerships between Hendrix Genetics and Cobb, Sasso chicken has been a brand being marketed by Cobb-Vantress worldwide.

What is the difference between Kabir and SASSO?

Although now being developed and marketed by Cobb-Vantress and Hendrix Genetics, Kabir and SASSO chickens are a totally different line of breeds as explained above. Both colors are based on brown but for people who are giving attention, they can easily identify the difference.

Different Kabir colors with the Cobb-Kabir30 (middle) the most popular in Africa.

Kabir chickens have light red plumage than SASSO and also lighter and more orange than red compared to the Rhode Island Red. Kabir also stands taller than SASSO. Two of the most popular lines of SASSO are SA310 and SA510. They have the same color but have different wingtips. The former has white wingtips while the latter has black. You can tell from the photos how different are their colors.

Kowing the history and details of these two popular chicken brands is helpful to us especially if we have plans to make chicken raising a full-time business in the future. Educating ourselves is important. By knowing the facts, we can also share this information with our friends and future customers.

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