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How To Treat Chicken Lice, Mites, And Flea (Hanip at Kuto)

Chicken mites or hanip (dapaw in Ilonggo, bunhok in bisaya) can cause discomfort not only to chickens but also to humans when not properly treated. Excessive mites on chickens can cause the birds to lose appetite and weaken their immune system that could become susceptible to other diseases.

On the other hand, mites can cause a bigger problem for humans too. Skin irritations and allergies can be discomforting if you allow the mites to invade parts of your house.

There is an easy way to kill all of these mites, and even lice and flea but sometimes, procrastination is the main reason why their number grows faster. Immediate action is necessary to stop the spread of these irritating small creatures.

How to kill chicken lice, mites, and flea (hanip at kuto)?

You need:

  • Malathion (pesticide)
  • A hand sprayer
  • Detergent powder
  • 1 big pail of water

How to do it

  • Mix 2 full bottle caps of Malathion with 1 pail of water. Add detergent to control the smell.
  • Bath your chickens using this mixture
  • Remove all chickens from your chicken house/coop
  • Totally clean your chicken house or chicken coop and remove/replace all light materials like nests lining and other garbage like carton boxes. Burn the materials removed.
  • Take the sprayer and spray the whole area (inside, outside, ground) with Malathion mixture.
  • Put back the chicken when the smell evaporates and when the chickens are already dry.
  • Make sure to spray also places that you think mites have been infested.

Chickens that have mites and lice living inside their feathers and on their skin always feel uncomfortable and lonely. By doing the above process, you are not only treating your chickens but by cleaning them you are making them healthier and stronger.

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