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How To: Free Range Chicken Farming in the Philippines

Free-range chicken farming refers to growing poultry that is not are not detained inside coops. They are free to loiter in a large fenced or open area.

There is a big difference between free-range chicken and normal poultry farming that hundreds to thousands of poultry are contained inside the building.

Breeds used in free-range chicken farming are also different from those housed chickens. Breeds commonly applied to free-range chicken farming are Kabir and Sasso chicken and they grow a little bit slower than those inside the poultry house but bigger and heavier.

Some free-range chicken farmers also use native chicken breeds like Jolo and other native crossbreeds.

Free-range chickens are often associated with organic growth as the animals can eat insects and not relying solely on animal feed.

Some people prefer free-range chicken meat to the normal 45-day old poultry because their diet is different and the meat quality is better.

The following videos will help you understand how to start and manage a free-range chicken business in the Philippines.

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