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Lists of Free-range Chicken Farms and Backyard Raisers in Western Visayas

To see the complete list of all breeders in the Philippines, click here.

This is the list of farms, breeders, and backyard growers of heritage and native chickens in Iloilo, Bacolod, and the whole Western Visayas Region

If you are looking to buy either fertilized hatching eggs, day-old chicks, or breeders, chances are, you may have already contacted a lot of people but still can’t find something to buy. This is because the demand for heritage chicken breeds like Rhode Island Red, Barred Plymouth Rock, Black Australorps, Orpingtons, and Sussex are extremely high while the supply is very low.

In order to help you save a lot of time searching the Internet and Facebook, we compiled the lists of free-range chicken raisers in Aklan, Antique, Capiz, Roxas, negros Occidental, Iloilo, and Guimaras. You may check this list as you may find what you are looking for by contacting these farms and backyard breeders.

Although most of these breeders sell free-range chicken table eggs, they also have heritage pure breeds.

Industrial-size farms that produce commercial broilers and eggs are not included in this list, so as gamefowl farms. This list contains only free-range chicken farms and backyard growers of either heritage chicken breeds or native chicken.

To discover what these farms offer, visit their Facebook Page by clicking their names.

Guimaras Freerange Chicken Farm
0945 254 8866
San Lorenzo, Guimaras

Trisha & CJ Free Range Chicken Farm
0956 466 2474
Belison, Antique

Altavas Aklan Free Range Chicken
0933 520 9364
Altavas, Aklan

Free Range Bacolod
Bacolod City

Happy Hen Free Range Chicken
0995 414 4678
Bacolod City

Wengweng Free Range Chicken Bacolod
0956 934 3793
Bacolod City

Native Chicken Bacolod
0932 538 1821
Bacolod City

Proktoy backyard coobs free ranges
0935 047 3790
Calatrava, Negros Occidental

Free Range Chicken Capiz
0943 391 5170

DAine’s Free Range Chicken
0906 505 9041
Cauayan, Negros Occidental

Sofia’s Native Chicken Farm-Negros Occidental
0912 956 5800
Cauayan, Negros Occidental

Galan&Castillo Free Range Chicken
Dumarao, Capiz

Iloilo GOAT & Free Range Native Chicken Backyard Breeders
0906 480 7804
Iloilo City

Librella Free Range Chickens
0917 170 8311
Iloilo City

Hannah Poultry Farm – Iloilo City
0910 360 5369
Iloilo City

DMEN Free Range and Native Chicken
Iloilo City

Jardeleza organic and free range farm
0909 847 0180
Iloilo City

Free Range Chicken Kabankalan
0910 439 3796
Kabankalan City

AKLAN Free range Chicken – Tierra de Oro Farm
0928 859 7306
Kalibo, Aklan

DH&RH Backyard Farm
0910 163 2825
Kalibo, Aklan

Cackle House
Lezo, Aklan

Brahma chicken Madalag Aklan
Madalag, Aklan

ELM Free RANGE Manokan
0912 426 8603
Mambusao, Capiz

Manok Bisayà Iloilo
0999 706 8714
Manduriao, Iloilo City

Iloilo Natural and Organic Backyard Farming
New Lucena, Iloilo

Iloilo Freerange Chicken, Turkey & Duck
0995 395 6858
Oton, Iloilo

Capiz Breeders Market Free-Range
0977 236 3975
Roxas City

Negros “Layaw” Free Range Chickens and Eggs
0917 840 5092
Sagay City, Negros Occidental

MTx Free Range Native Chicken
0938 016 2370
Tigbauan, Iloilo

Dominant CZ Panay Island Antique Iloilo Guimaras Aklan Capiz
0935 305 8701
Tobias Fornier, Antique

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There are other pages that we did not include because their locations are not available. If you want your free-range farm page to be included here, please leave a comment below.

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