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Lists of Free-range Chicken Farms and Backyard Raisers in Cebu and Central Visayas

To see the complete list of all free-range chicken breeders in the Philippines, click here.

This is the list of farms, breeders, and backyard growers of heritage and native chickens in the Central Visayas region

If you are looking to buy either fertilized hatching eggs, day-old chicks, or breeders, chances are, you may have already contacted a lot of people but still can’t find something to buy. This is because the demand for heritage chicken breeds like Rhode Island Red, Barred Plymouth Rock, Black Australorps, Orpingtons, and Sussex are extremely high while the supply is very low.

In order to help you save a lot of time searching the Internet and Facebook, we compiled the lists of free-range chicken raisers in Cebu, Negros Oriental, Bohol, and Siquijor. You may check this list as you may find what you are looking for by contacting these farms and backyard breeders.

Although most of these breeders sell free-range chicken table eggs, they also have heritage pure breeds.

Industrial-size farms that produce commercial broilers and eggs are not included in this list, so as gamefowl farms. This list contains only free-range chicken farms and backyard growers of either heritage chicken breeds or native chicken.

To discover what these farms offer, visit their Facebook Page by clicking their names.

Big Fred Free Range eggs and chicken
(032) 483 9530
Alcoy, Cebu

Lambug free-range chicken
0945 157 7499
Badian, Cebu

Gabb’s Free Range Chicken
0995 618 8191
Balamban, Cebu

Bogo Free Range Chicken Farm
0916 333 0859
Bogo, Cebu

Tuyom freerange chicken
0923 257 9887
Carcar, Cebu

Carcar Free Range Chicken
0945 965 0982
Carcar, Cebu

RB’s Free Range Chicken Bohol
0956 147 3368
Catigbian, Bohol

Papi Free Range-Cebu
Cebu City

GFC – Homegrown and Free-Range Cebu
Cebu City

RLC Free Range Chicken
0966 641 0345
Cebu City

Triple A Farm – Free Range Chicken Cebu
0956 640 8848
Cebu City

Rcc Balamban Free Range Farm
0955 360 8962
Cebu City

Darbz Free Range Chicken Farm
0922 423 3411
Cebu City

WD free-range chicken and turkey in Cordova, Cebu
0915 728 9381
Cebu City

GJV Free Range Chicken
Cebu City

YQ Free Range Chickenville – Cordova, Cebu
Cordova, Cebu

GRAE EGGS FARM-Free Range & Pastured Chicken Eggs
0917 887 0743
Corella, Bohol

Danao FreeRange Chickens and Mini-Goat Farm
0999 428 3054
Danao City, Cebu

PMM Backyard Chicken and Egg Cebu
Danao City, Cebu

Aa’s freerange chicken
0936 111 3599
Dumaguete City

HAPPY free RANGE chickens
0935 208 9000
Dumaguete City

Lola Pabing’s Free-range Farm
0919 007 2110
Dumanjuag, Cebu

Free range Sasso Chicken
Lapu-Lapu City

Mabinay Free Range Chicken
0966 50 916 4667
Mabinay, Negros Oriental

JOMS Free Range Chicken
Maribojoc, Bohol

Medellin MLV Free Range Chicken and Egg Farm
0999 386 8805
Medellin, Cebu

RIEL Backyard Free Range Chicken Farm
0916 922 9204
Negros Oriental

DMEN Free Range and Native Chicken
0977 065 1973
San Fernando, Cebu

San Remigio Free Range Chickens and Organic Eggs Farm
San Remegio, Cebu

KP’s Free Range Chicken – Santander Cebu
Santander, Cebu

Free-Range Upgraded Chicken
0945 298 4553
Tagbilaran City

Bohol Native Farm
Tagbilaran City

Happy Backyard Chickens – Bohol Poultry
Tagbilaran City

Cebu Free-range Chicken Egg Farm
0977 206 2864
Talisay, Cebu

Free Range Chickens – Talisay Cebu
0939 417 4052
Talisay, Cebu

Free Range chicken – Toledo Cebu
Toledo City

Tuburan Free-Range Chicken Farm Dominant CZ Genetics
Tuburan, Cebu

Yohan Free Range Chicken & Brown Eggs
0909 309 7303
Tuburan, Cebu

Bongski Free Range Native Chicken Philippines
Valencia, Negros Oriental

AB Free Range Chicken Negros Oriental
Valencia, Negros Oriental

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There are other pages that we did not include because their locations are not available. If you want your free-range farm page to be included here, please leave a comment below.


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