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Complete Native Chicken Farming and Investment Guide from DA

Do you know that the Department of Agriculture (DA) supports Filipinos who want to embark on native chicken farming and investment? The farming of native chicken is just one of many projects the agency is pushing in order to help people in rural areas make extra income.

  1. Native chicken is chosen instead of imported heritage breeds because of the following obvious reasons.
  2. Native chicken breeds are more tasty and delicious compared to any other breeds, especially when cooked as tinola.
  3. Native chicken breeds are more resistant to diseases and don’t need vaccines and antibiotics.
  4. There is a big demand for native chicken meat in Luzon, Visayas, and in many parts of Mindanao.
  5. Native chicken can forage and need less processed feeds. They also eat many types of local organic feeds.
  6. Eggs of native chicken are far more delicious compared to hybrid layers.

Western and Centra Visayas regions lead in the demand for native chicken. In fact, a government school in Iloilo is supplying native chicken chicks to interested farmers. Research on Darag Native Chicken started at West Visayas State University (WVSU) way back in 1985 and continues to be the focus commodity up to the present time.  Most of these researches were done with the funding and technical support of DOST- PCAARRD.  Consequently, the knowledge and technologies generated from these studies were already translated to extension activities provided to different stakeholders.

For a complete guide provided by the Department of Agriculture, click the image above or click this link.

If you want to know what are the different types of native chicken breeds you can raise, click here.

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