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Chicken wattles – lambi

Lambi in English or wattles is two elongated, fleshy, thin lobes of skin that hang down from the lower side of a chicken’s head. Both male and female chickens have wattles, which help them to stay cool during warmer weather. Wattles are often removed from fighting roosters including the earlobes for both safety and aesthetics.

Wattles are called lambi in Tagalog or labit in Hiligaynon/Ilonggo.

Wattle size and lengths differ depending on the breed of the chicken. There are smaller breeds like bantams that have larger wattles but there are also bigger breeds like Brahma which have a rose-type comb and very small wattles.

Masyadong mahaba ang lambi ng tandang mo, pwede nang tangusin (putulin)“. Your cock’s wattles are already large (long), you can cut it off already.

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