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Chicken comb – palong

Palong in English, comb, crown, or crest is the fleshy red crest that grows on top of its head. Both males (roosters) and females (hens) have combs, but they are typically larger and more pronounced on males.

The chicken comb is called palong in Tagalog, or parong (parung) in Hiligaynon and Cebuano.

Commonly, there are 9 types of chicken combs called:

  1. Buttercup Comb
  2. Single Comb
  3. Carnation Comb
  4. Pea Comb
  5. Cushion Comb
  6. Rose Comb
  7. V Comb Comb
  8. Strawberry Comb
  9. Walnut Comb

“Masyadong malapad ang palong ng manok mo natatakpan ang and mata.” Your rooster’s comb is too large, it’s covering his eyes already.

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