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Can Humans Get Coronavirus from Chickens?

There is no scientific evidence to show that the coronavirus is spread by eating chicken, lamb, and seafood, the Executive Director of the Indian Food Safety and Standards Authority, GSG Ayyangar, said on Thursday, saying the virus would not survive warmer temperatures.

Amid fears that the infection could be acquired from eating chicken, lamb, and shellfish, the Food Safety area and the CEO of the Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) said there is a misconception about it.

“There is a misconception that the coronavirus will spread through chicken, lamb, and shellfish. There is none of that. It is not scientifically proven. ” I am a scientist, I am not going to buy this argument, “Ayyangar told reporters. Ayyangar, who previously worked with the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR), said it is a matter of time before the coronavirus vaccine is developed as India has a good track record of handling the viruses. Whether it is the Ebola virus or the bird flu, we have handled them very well. It’s a matter of time. We have to take precautions. We have to be vigilant, “he said.

Urging people to take precautions, he said that the coronavirus is like many other viruses and that developing a vaccine will depend on the complexity of the virus. The government is making every effort to isolate the virus. “Once we can isolate the virus, it takes a while to find a vaccine to counter it,” he said at an event organized by industry body Assocham.

Addressing the event on nutrition and functional foods, Hexagon Nutrition Managing Director Vikram Kelkar said that prices for poultry vitamin supplements have been volatile recently and that the spread of the coronavirus has affected supply worldwide.

Poultry prices have plummeted in Indian markets due to a drop in demand for chicken after the spread of these false rumors.

“People have abruptly stopped eating chicken in recent weeks. The whole industry will shut down if this trend continues and the survival of the poultry sector is questioned. ”Except for a few regular customers, I have not seen people come to my store to buy chicken out of fear. People simply want to avoid chicken meat instead of taking any risks. I’m selling less than half my usual numbers, ”said Munuswamy, a chicken meat vendor in a Bangalore neighborhood.

Clarifications issued by the federal ministry of animal husbandry, the World Health Organization, and other credible bodies appear to have had no impact on the ground and have failed to put an end to people’s panic.

The Indian poultry sector took a hit last year when the price of corn, a key animal feed, soared. But just as it was stabilizing earlier this year, the unexpected coronavirus storm threatens to make the recovery road even bumpier.

Do not believe everything spread on the Internet

Speculation abounds on Indian cyberspace platforms about possible avian links to the deadly Covid-19 disease, which has spread across the world and killed more than 3,200 people, mostly in China.

Without justification, various messages circulated on messaging platforms, particularly WhatsApp, indicating that the coronavirus could be transmitted through chicken meat.

The Indian Poultry Industry has been making efforts to disprove this false rumor spread on social media. Such fears have increased as India now has 28 confirmed cases of coronavirus infections, with 16 Italian tourists testing positive for Covid-19 in New Delhi.

Consequences of the false rumor

The Indian poultry industry is taking a massive hit after rumors on social media that the coronavirus could be spread by chicken meat

Sales are down 80 percent in some areas, and clarifications made by the industry have failed to quell the panic.

The poultry industry in India

India’s leading poultry companies such as Suguna Foods, Godrej Agrovet, and Venkys have reported a drop of up to 50 percent in chicken and egg sales in recent months, while sales have fallen by as much as 80 percent. cent in some areas, due to the spread of these false rumors.

Did you know…?

India is the world’s second-largest egg producer, with an annual production of 90 billion eggs, second only to China.

More than 25 million farmers are engaged in some type of poultry business.

The Indian poultry sector is valued at US$14 billion, employs approximately 5 million people, and is strongly organized.



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