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Broiler and Layer Chicken Feeding Guide

One of the most common questions we get is how much feed do I need?  While there are many factors that impact how much feed that your chickens will need over the years we have established the following guidelines based on years of experience.

These guidelines are separated into two parts. The first one is for the broiler and the second part is for layers. Layers and broilers have different feed consumption.


Starter Feed. After acquiring day-old chicks, for the first 2 weeks, your chicks should be given starter feed. The most common starter feed available on every poultry supply is Integra 1000 by BMEG but you can ask the store for a cheaper alternative.  Each chick will require about 28 grams per day or approximately 392 grams of feed for the first 14 days.

Grower Feed. Starting in the third week, feed your broiler/free-range chickens grower feed or locally called “crumbles.”  The protein level of grower feed is typically 18%.  You will need about 680 grams of feed per bird per week, assuming that you butcher at week 5 or 6 (35 to 42 days).

Typical feed schedule per 1 chicken

  • Week 1 – 140 grams starter feed
  • Week 2 – 310 grams starter feed
  • Week 3 – 455 grams grower feed
  • Week 4 – 680 grams grower feed
  • Week 5 – 1,133 grams grower feed
  • Week 6 to slaughter – 1,360 grams grower feed per week *** chicken could be slaughtered at Day 38

Putting it into financials perspective, the computation would look like:

  • Chick price = ₱23.00
  • Total feeds consumed = 3 kgs x ₱30.00 = ₱90
  • Total investment = ₱113

The average price of dressed chicken is ₱170/kg so assuming that your chickens weigh 980 grams, you should get ₱166.6 per chicken or a profit of ₱53.6. If you have 500 chickens, you can make around ₱26,800 in 35 to 38 days – not bad!

Your profit can be higher or lower depending on many factors like chick price, chicken price, slaughter weight, and feed price. You must also consider mortality and other vitamins and supplements.


Layers have the same feeds as broilers only that they consume less.

Starter Feed. For the first 6 weeks, your chicks should be on the starter feed.  Each bird will require about 28 grams per day or approximately 1.176 kgs of feed for the first 42 days.

Grower Feed. Starting with week seven thru week 15, feed your laying chicken grower feed (crumbles).  The protein level of this feed is typically 18%.  You will need about 3.6 kgs of feed per bird based on a consumption of 85 grams per bird per day.

Layer Feed. At about 16 weeks (4 months), switch your chickens to layer feed.   The protein level of this feed is typically 16% to 17%.  A laying hen will consume about 110 of feed per day. Hens will start to lay eggs at 4.5 to 5 months of age.

More or less 5 kgs of feed a laying hen could consume before it laid an egg. Putting it into financial figures, the data should look like this.

  • 5 kgs of feeds – ₱150
  • Chick price – ₱25
  • Daily feed consumption during laying time – 110 grams (₱3.3)
  • If the egg costs ₱6 (farm price) you should make ₱2.7 per egg

If you have 500 laying hens, you could make around ₱1.147 profit per day (consider the 15% non-laying hens. Not all hens will lay eggs daily)

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