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45 Days Broiler Chicken Production Guide

Broiler chicken raising or 45 days chicken is one of the thriving businesses related to animal husbandry. Here in the Philippines, the poultry industry has evolved from small chicken coops in the yard until it has become large buildings used in the contract growing business of broiler poultry rearing.

This article aims to provide the basics about raising broiler chickens as a successful business.

45 days broilers

Selection and care of broiler chicks

If you want your poultry business to be successful, you need to choose chicks that you will raise. First, choose a reliable hatchery or breeding ground for chicks. Find out how healthy the chick’s parents are and how to take care of it before you take them.

  1. Choose healthy chicks. Healthy chicks have dry and beautiful feathers, beautiful eyes, are active, have no disease or physical abnormality, are consistent in size and color, and should not drop to 33 grams on the first day of hatching. Get the chicks that you think will grow fast.
  2. Once the broiler chicks are in the brooder, make sure they receive the right amount of heat, day and night. Avoid sudden changes in brooder temperature in the first two weeks of your chicks.
  3. Make sure there is enough space for your chicks to grow. Remember that overcrowding of chicks is the main cause of the slow growth of chickens. Give them proper ventilation to prevent lung diseases in your chickens. Your brooder should also be bright so they can see the food.
  4. Give them high-quality feeds or patuka whether it is your own blend or commercial feeds. It must be given correctly on time. Experts say that chicks are better able to use the nutrients that come from the feeds if given on time. But remember that you should not leave the chicks without food for an hour or two.
  5. Keep your brooders clean and dry to keep your pet chickens away from diseases. Brooder conditions should also be as permanent as possible. For example, the sudden removal of the brooder’s roof, careless door closing, or loss of their light can cause stress which in turn causes slow growth. It is also important to have a consistent feeding schedule with the chicks for three weeks.
  6. Be sure to remove weak and sick chicks immediately so that they do not infect others. You need to burn or bury dead chicks and chickens immediately so that they are no longer infested by flies and eaten by rats.

Proper care of 45 days broiler chickens

If you can take care of the chicken correctly, you can sell it after only  35 to 50 days depending on what breed of chicken you are raising.

You need to give anti-stress medication to your chickens two to five days before and after they move out of the cage for rearing.

But before you make the move, you should make sure that their cope has been cleaned and disinfected. Only move chickens if the weather is nice. If it rains, you can just turn it on.

When it’s summer, your broiler chickens are likely to reduce their appetite due to the hot weather. You can give them wet food or you can make ways to lower the temperature, such as spraying the roof and around the cage with water.

Housing requirements for broiler chicken

Because the chickens are warm-blooded, they can adjust their body temperature. However, they can only do this if the temperature of their environment does not exceed their limit. They can’t afford to adjust to extreme heat or extreme cold! So, part of the proper care of broiler chickens is to build a proper housing or cage that will help them maintain their body heat.

If possible, the two ends of the cages should face east and west. This will prevent direct sunlight from hitting the edges of the cage which can cause it to overheat.

Ventilation is important for broilers. So, you need to allocate at least one square foot for a chicken. The chicken coop should then be lifted about one and a half meters from the ground to have adequate air circulation. Collecting chicken droppings is also easier if you follow this suggestion.

Make sure rats, birds or cats do not enter the chicken coop.

You can plant trees around the gap that will serve as protection from the intense sunlight during the summer. It also protects against strong winds and rain in the event of a storm.

The roof of the cage should be monitor type to ensure proper ventilation and air circulation in the cage.

Things to consider when choosing the right place for your poultry building

Proper poultry care includes choosing the right place to place your poultry business.

Here are the venue selection considerations:

  • It should be away from households
  • It should be 25 meters away from the source of drinking water. Hal. Poso, water pump, river, or well.
  • Medium or large poultry farms should be at a distance of 1000 meters from households. The required distance of small poultry from households is five hundred meters.

Proper feeding of broiler chickens

Feed your broiler chickens with booster and grower feeds broilers in the first five weeks. Then give them a broiler finisher.

Commercial broiler feeds contain ingredients that accelerate the growth of chickens. This is the reason why the income from broiler care is huge. It also helps keep your pets from getting sick.

See the complete feeding guide here 

Download the full guide from the Bureau of Animal Research

Sale of broiler chicken

Before you decide to start raising broiler chickens as a business, you first need to find out if there are enough buyers in your area of ​​chickens that you will raise. You can do this by surveying the market, and talking to hotels, eateries, businesses, or stores if they are interested in buying the chickens you will raise.

Poultry traders in the community can form a cooperative so that they can agree on how much the chicken will cost.

It is also suggested to calculate which is more profitable: will you sell alive or butcher? Will you sell yourself on the farm or at the market?

Broiler chickens or 45 days old should be sold at between 900 grams to 1.5 kilograms in weight if they are still alive.

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