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Common Swine Diseases: Mga Pangkaraniwang Sakit ng Baboy

Is your pig sick? Are you worried that it might get worse? What are the different types of swine disease? If you are currently raising pigs or are just planning to raise pigs, you need to read this to learn more about the common diseases that affect domestic pigs.

Pigs or hogs are susceptible to many kinds of diseases due to the way they live. Lack of cleaning and improper feeding will lead to any of these but in this article we will give you tips on how to handle and care for your hog when sickness hits.

If you have a piggery business or you take care of pigs in your yard, you should have a proper guide to take care of them.

Aside from proper feeding, watering, and bathing it is also very important that you know enough about swine diseases.

You should know what it is, and of course what the medicine is for it. You should also know how to prevent your pet pigs from getting sick.

The following are the most common swine diseases

  1. Cholera – Caused by germs that do not die immediately. Its symptoms are high fever, loss of appetite, corner cramps, redness of the skin, vomiting, and diarrhea.
  2. Foot and mouth disease – It is caused by germs, is contagious, and lasts for up to four months. Its symptoms are sores on the tongue, mouth, gums, and between the nails.
  3. Worms – These are common in piglets. It has more cases in piglets compared to adult pigs. Its symptoms are loss of appetite and vomiting and diarrhea.

These are just some of the many diseases that can affect domestic pigs if they are not cared for properly.

Feeding and nutrition

The diet of a pet pig depends on what kind of pig you are caring for.

The diet of the piglets is different from the diet of the sows, as well as that of the fattening pigs, and of the male pig breeders.

For piglets, there are fortifying, nourishing, and nourishing foods.

Sows, on the other hand, are dairy foods and of course, fertilizer foods for fattening pigs such as grower feeds. There is also proper food for pig breeders.

Feeding based on age and size

  • Booster feeds – 3 to 17 day old
  • Pre starter feeds – 18 to 42 day old
  • Starter feeds – 44 to 67 day old
  • Grower feeds – 68 to 130 day old
  • Finisher feeds – 131 to market

The size of the pig feed depends on the age and number of the pet pig.

In the beginning, when they were young, they ate very little, but of course, when they were big, they ate a lot.

There are pigs that are not strong in food and there are those who are strong in food. This is good for fattening pigs.

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