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Pridonskaya Goat Breed: All you Need to Know

The Pridonskaya breed is old and promising at the same time. Despite the small number of pedigree livestock, pedigree individuals can be purchased for breeding and keeping in a private farm. The main products are excellent white and gray down, soft and light. In addition, these goats provide nutritious milk and meat.

Pridonskaya goat breed origin and history

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the Don breed of goats emerged after crossing local thick wool goats with Angora. This breed was obtained on the banks of Don from there and its name is gone. This breed has received a special distribution in the Cossack peoples of southern Russia and is the oldest breed of hairy on its territory

All representatives of this breed have horns, the body has good forms and a strong constitution. Their body is deep and quite long. The thorax perfectly develops the volume of a breast behind scapulations makes not less than eighty centimeters, and depth of a breast not less than twenty-eight centimeters.

Physical characteristics

The legs are strong, they are well placed. The skin is soft, covered with wool, which is 70%, this high-quality fluff, and only 30%, it is transient hair and wrinkles. At least eighty percent lint is on the skin to the touch, tough and tight. Podonskie colored goats are very different and white as snow, and black as southern night and brown as earth

This breed belongs to the average size, they are somewhat smaller than Orenburg goats. The height of the goats is from two to sixty-two centimeters, and the goats are slightly larger

The animals of this species are highly productive, goats weighing from thirty-five to forty kilos and goats from sixty to eighty-five kilograms. Newborn goat weighs about three kilograms, and in three months it is fifteen kilograms and a half years, twenty-nine kilograms. The breed’s meat chances are not bad, after slaughter it ranges from 45% to 55%. This breed is multi particular, one hundred or one hundred and fifty children are born on average for 100 women, in six months the lactation of milk is supplied from one hundred and forty to one hundred and fifty kilograms. With backcomb goats of three or four hundred grams of one kilogram and goats of five hundred to six hundred grams of one kg, shear after combing down fluff is at least two hundred grams. After combing it, it must be clipped. All summer it resembles a milk goat,

Breeding and uses

The Pridonskoye goat breed is used to breed breeds with high productive qualities, one of the brightest representatives is the Mountain Altai breed. The resulting breed of goats is capable of living in a harsh climate, it has high productivity and excellent quality, which is recognized throughout the world.

Trained people interested in healthy eating has allowed goats to expand their habitat places, in addition to southern Russia can be seen on the right and left banks of the Volga, Western Siberia, the vast regions Bashkortostan, Orenburg, and Chelyabinsk, and abroad in Mongolia, China, Central America Asia countries

What about this breed’s achievements we can talk about how the goats are not demanding types of feed and conditions of detention. With an excellent area to feel the hot steppe climate. The main advantage of the breed is its high-quality fluff

A weak as the place of the breed can be called its sensitivity to climate change, which is why the quality of wool and fluff have deteriorated.

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