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Pagtatanim ng Sibuyas: How to Farm and Grow Onions for Profit

Do you want to advance in life? Try onion farming! This article will teach you how to grow onions and how to start and grow in the onion farming business.

Onion farming is one of the most profitable agricultural products to plant in the Philippines and most farmers in Central Luzon are actually making a good living because of this. Especially during the months when onions have high price lice the “ber” months.

Benefits of onions

Before we discuss onion planting and onion farming, it is important that you first know the importance of onion to us besides its use in cooking. What is an onion? What nutrients does it contain?

  • Onion is a type of vegetable used in cooking.
  • Its tuber or root product causes tears when cut if not washed.

Why do we cry when peeling or slicing an onion? Like garlic, onions are rich in sulfur compounds. Also due to the sulfur content, onion is antibiotic. This medicine has been proven to be effective in goiter.

It is also effective in those with jaundice and even in those with hemorrhoids. Onions are also rich in Vitamin C.

Now that you know the benefits of onion to your body, let’s move on to planting it.

Methods of growing onions

If you love planting and want to enter the onion farming business, you need to study the following:

  • Soil/land preparation for onion. Onion thrives in any variety of soil: Sandy loam, clay loam, as long as there are good drainage facilities and an optimum pH of 6.5 – 7.5.
  • Plow and rake the soil to plant onions, fertilize the soil, it is better to use organic fertilizer.
  • Clean the soil and remove weeds around the plot. The soil needs to be moist or moist to make the onion roots stronger.
  • Climatic conditions that matter to the onion. For onion growing, it is better to have a temperature of 13-24 degrees Celsius, and for fruiting it is 30-35 degrees Celsius.
  • Onion yields are expected to be better when the weather is mild, there is not much rain, and extreme heat.
  • Irrigation or irrigation in onion farming. The onion orchard needs good irrigation.
  • Irrigate the field three days after planting.
  • Then it will follow after 7-10 days depending on soil conditions and weather.
  • Also, avoid giving too much water to prevent drowning of new onion plants.
  • Weed control/herbicide. Weeds are one of the main enemies of crops, remove weeds that grow in the field itself and even around it.
  • Chemical spraying can be done for weeds, and it can also be done manually with your hands.

Onion farming as a business

Did you know that you can make a lot of money by planting onions? Our fellow farmers have proven that.

Here in the Philippines, farmers plant onions before Undas (All Saints Day) to get a good harvest.

Since onion is needed by people in their daily cuisines and is also used in medicine, it is not difficult to sell and its charisma is strong when it comes to the market. So onion farming is a popular business.

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